5 reasons to invest in Turkey

5 reasons to invest in Turkey

أهم خمسة أسباب تشجعك على الاستثمار في تركيا

Turkey is one of the attraction points for foreign investors, with multi investment opportunities. While some investors pay attention to trade sectors, others looking forward to industrial one. But most of the foreign investors attracted to invest in #real_estate sector in turkey. More specifically #properties_in_istanbul.


5 reasons that may encourage you to invest in turkey:


First, with remarkable stable & cyclic  growth the government plan to keep working on, gave the Turkish economy high percentage of growth comparing with the other OECD members. According to the Turkish Statistical Institute “Turkstat” the annual stable growth between 2002-2016 was 5.6%. which put turkey as 13th biggest economy on world and 5th in Europe.


the invest environment comes second, since Turkey been classified as second biggest under developed and reformed investment environments in OECD. With wide scale of conveniences, government provide to foreign investors. that makes it a very remarkable investment ambience to start with.


strong Infrastructure facilities comes third, under continues development in all facilities. In addition to modern & law cost marine transportation, and train transportation which already reach middle east Europe.



the remarkable geographic location in the world comes fourth, since turkey been considered as focal point between east, west, north and south. makes Turkey a portal opens multi markets around the world, also been considered as the bridge to transport power to Europe.  


A very massive construction market turkey holds is the fifth reason; construction sector been considered as one of the most powerful & active markets in the world. This field in turkey attracts investors who are looking for buying #properties_in_Istanbul, or other Turkish cities.

Since the investment profit is good with high annual profit percentage, whether they are investing in under constructed properties or the ready-made one.