başakşehir city

تتميز مدينة بشاك شهير بأهم المعالم السياحية التركية والمناظر الطبيعية الخلابة مما يجعلها واحدة من افضل المدن في الاستثمار العقاري في تركيا

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The basaksehir area is located on the European side in central Istanbul. It is bordered to the north by Arnaout Kui, to the north-east by Ayub, Sultan Ghazi and esenler from the east, Bagcilar, Kucukcekmece, Avcilar from the south and essenyurt from the south-west.


And what make basaksehir  famous is that  region is surrounded by large green forests, from the northern and as a river runs through it, there is a dam along the river that flows into Lake Kucukcekmece.

One of the largest and most extensive natural biodiversity valleys, in addition to the magnificent botanical garden, is the famous protected forest of wild animals. It also has the largest industrial lake in Istanbul, covering an area of ​​300 thousand square meters.

It is worth mentioning that the public facilities in the region are available in many places such as Ibn Khaldun University, which teaches a number of its courses in Arabic, the University of Narad Hodaf Bendi Jar, and the University of basaksehir . There are also many private public schools and international and Arab schools.

As for the health sector, hospitals in basaksehir are very popular and the largest health cluster for hospitals is established in the region.

One of the most prominent features of the famous basaksehir is the powerful transport network serving the region, from public transport buses, metro lines and minibuses. There is a connecting station that provides easy access to all places in Istanbul.
basaksehir is a rich social structure with many shopping centers, theaters, cinemas, conference halls and celebrations. The stadium is the largest sports stadium in Turkey.