Esenyurt city

Esenyurt city

مدينة أسنيورت

The Esnunyurt area is located in the European part of Istanbul, bordered by the East 

Avcilar, overlooking the eastern part of the picturesque Kucukcekmece  Lake, and the western side of Kucukcekmece, on the north is the basaksehir, Arnaout, and TEM. On the south side of Esnunyurt lies the Beylikduzu  area and the E5 motorway.
The area is 2770 hectares, and the municipality of Esnunyurt was declared in 1989.

In recent years, Esnunyurt has witnessed a rapid growth in the construction sector. Where the focus was on the construction of luxury residential complexes and towers, which positively affected the region and developed significantly.
 Esnunyurt was the property of Akram Pasha, and the large share of land in the region belonged to Esnunyurt Pasha and was named by his name


One of the most prominent features of Esnunyurt as a residential area is the services provided by its municipality, where the municipality is doing its utmost to provide all the basic services for the residents of the area. And the prices of apartments are very acceptable, making it a destination for those wishing to buy real estate in Istanbul.
Esnunyurt is also home to many universities (the University of Esnunyurt) and very close to them are the University of Beykent, Istanbul University, Istanbul aydin University, Al Fateh University, and the University of Gillesham.
In addition, there are many shopping malls and shops in the Esnunyurt (Mall of alturum , Marmara Park, Mall of Akbati)