have you ever visited Pamukkale springs!

have you ever visited Pamukkale springs!

مالذي تعرفة عن ينابيع باموكالي التركية

We will spot the light at one of the #Most_beautiful_sites_in_turkey which is #Pamukkale springs, which take a place in west turkey near couple towns contain hundreds of Romanian & Greek ancient sites.


#Pamukkale springs are a group of Rocky gradients been formed over billions of years.

#Pamukkale springs are very famous with its hot water rich with minerals which over flow on the Limestone pool of the gradient.


Tourists always visit there, to get the benefits of its worm mineral water, and enjoy swimming in the natural limestone pools.


#Pamukkale considered as a great tourist destination for Recreation and relaxation in the hot mineral pools which temperature between 35-100 c.

Greek and Romanians lived in Pamukkale spring area and around since 4th B.c, where the city of #Hierapolis been