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Investment in Turkey

المناخ الاستثماري التركي

Turkey is a developed country which depends on business and tourism as the main income sources, that’s why the state has made sure to provide a suitable atmosphere for investing, and because of that today Turkey is considered the second biggest investing incubator, which is on a continuous move of developing and rehabilitation.

And for these reasons Turkey was ranked as a member country at the “Organization for Economic and Co-operation development”.

This development on the level of economy and investment has come as a result of the efforts of the #turkish_government to facilitate investing in Turkey in order to encourage the foreign investors to come and invest in different fields.

And the #real_estate_investment_in_Turkey is considered as one of the main types of investment in the country because it is a safe and a successful business in general.

And the city of #Istanbul is the first destination for the foreign investor who want to #buy_properties_in_turkey, as it is an important economic, touristic and a vital center in Turkey, and in which a number of the biggest instructional and infrastructure projects in the country are carried out.