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Most important and famous shopping centers in Istanbul

العقارات التجارية في اسطنبول.. استثمار ناجح

What investors should take into consideration before #buy_property_in_istanbul is the statues of facilities and services in the area they are having a thought about buying a property in. Mostly #universities, #schools, #Shopping_centers, and public transportation.

Today, will point to the most important malls in #Istanbul.

#Jawaher_mall_istanbul is One of the biggest shopping centers in #istanbul, in şişli the central neighborhood in the city, because of the mall vital location in an area crowded with markets which gave it extra advantage to attract the residence and tourists.

#Zourlu_center: located in zincirlikuyu avenue in Beşiktaş, one of the most famous with its restaurants that holds various international kitchens, Most notably the Italian one.


Located in #Floria avenue, which holds one of the biggest Aquarium in the world, with a remarkable sea overview. There, you can enjoy your meal next to Marmaray beach after having a pleasant shopping experience.

#Vialand: considered as the first shopping mall in turkey, with massive theme park and very famous one. Located in Eyüp avenue which under the administration of Gazi ottoman municipality.

#Mall_of_Istanbul: one of the biggest shopping centers in Istanbul, very famous among tourists as the first destination to buy local & international trademarks.


Located in Beylikdüzü avenue, where you can find diverse shops, also you can enjoy the Terraces overview to whole city. Another place you can find most of the local and international trademarks. You may lose a full day, and still need more time to enjoy shopping in mammary park.