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What determine the value of your property in Istanbul market?

شيشلي في إسطنبول.. ما بين التاريخ والحداثة العمرانية

Various reasons could affect the value of your #property_in_Istanbul markets, that’s why investors should put those reasons into consideration before making decision about #buying_a_property_in_Istanbul:

Location: the location of the property plays a major role in the value of property evaluation. purchase value goes up, to those properties near from the center of the city. For example; AL-Huda Project ALH 1401 prices starts from 1.384.000 Turkish lira for 1+1 flats (one room and hall) with 76 square meter space.

Facilities and services: services in the area plays another role in the valued prices, from universities, Hospitals, schools, shopping centers, parks, and governmental facilities, also the type of public transportations available in the area. If we tried to check ALH.601 project for example, another AlHuda project in Basaksehir area, will see that prices for two rooms with 94 Square meters space starts from 837.000 T.L .

Flat View: Especially for Sea direct view Flats. ALH.204 Project for instance, Alhuda Project with the most beautiful sea view in Istanbul, with amazing overlooking to Marmary sea. Prices there starts for two rooms, 65 Square meters from 600.000 T.L.

Other reasons to be mentioned about #Property_prices_in_istanbul is:

Flat Space, covering and ending decoration, Flat type (residential, Office, Hotel apartment), Separated building or among a complex of buildings.

For more information, about #Property_prices_in_istanbul, don’t hesitate to contact our team in Alhuda Company for investment and real estate development, where you can choose your own property in one of our projects that covers most of the locations in Istanbul.