What are the needed documents to get the Turkish citizenship?

تعرّف على أهم الوثائق المطلوبة للحصول على الجنسية التركية

Recently the Turkish government has approved a new law in the matter of getting the #turkish_citizenship for foreign investors, this law which was obliged in 18\09\2018, ensures that an investor gets the citizenship by #purchasing_property_in_turkey with only 250 thousand dollars' worth. 

The law also states that when the investor purchases the property his wife and his (-18) children get the #turkish_citizenship as well and at the same time as him.

The needed documents and papers to apply on the Turkish citizenship for #purchasing_property_in_turkey:

  • A translated and certified photocopy of the passport.
  • 4 personal photographs for every individual in the family
  • Marital status documents
  • Accommodation permit in Turkey
  • Health certificate 
  • A photocopy of the accommodation document and the address of the person’s relatives in Turkey if there is any.
  • Ownership title deed or any other documents that approves the person’s ownership of the property
  • Evaluation report of the property by an evaluation committee 
  • A bank document in which all the money transfer operations to buy the property are found 

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