Here all types of Turkey property are available, which are appropriate for the various options of clients wishing to purchase a property in Turkey divided by regions, areas and payment methods, and also allows those interested in buying property in Turkey to browse more than one project carefully in order to choose an initial for the appropriate property, that Alhuda Real Estate experts will help you to install it later and highlight all its advantages and characteristics in video clips, various media materials and field trips to the property

Istanbul has been at the “beating heart of Turkey for years, and in the forefront on the list of the most selling Turkish provinces of property in Turkey and the world, it is the first destination for many Turkish and foreign investors, but the first choice for many of them after the remarkable success achieved by many investors who bought property in Istanbul at low prices to sell Later at high prices and which makes it more attractive for buying properties is that it contains many huge and government guaranteed projects in important areas and close to strategic sites and major installations such as Istanbul Water Canal, the new airport and the Valley of Life in addition to the strength of the transportation that are available in Istanbul being the economic capital of Turkey, which increases Istanbul property, financial value and gives it a great importance in the real estate market.