Privacy policy

Al-Huda Real Estate Investment Company is keen to protect the customer's privacy and personal information. Indeed, this protection ranks first among our company’s priorities. The below privacy clarification clearly provides how customer information is dealt with and what measurements are taken to protect it.

1. Any information shared by the client/visitor on the Website of Al-Huda Real Estate Investment Company shall be considered private information of the customer and will not be shared with any third party unless the judiciary and the law request it.

2. All the information provided by the client with his/her full consent shall only be used by Al Huda Real Estate Investment Company to respond to their inquiries and to answers their questions and inquiries.

3. It’s internationally-recognized that upon visiting any electronic website including that of Al-Huda Real Estate Investment Company, the server would save the following data:

a. Date and time of the visit

b. Type and name of the browser used.

c. Type of device you used (fixed / mobile device).

d. The address of your Internet protocol (known as IP).

e. The link / site from which you have moved to our site.

4. Al Huda Real Estate Investment Company does not sell, trade with or display customers’ data for any party. Under all circumstances, the customer data and information shared with us are dealt with as highly-sensitive private information and is used by us to communicate with him/her, respond to his/her inquiries and provide advices and recommendations.

5. For any inquiry or clarification, kindly get in touch with us by clicking on Contact Us.

This Statement of Privacy Policy is subject to changes or amendments from a time to another as deemed by the company. The binding version will be the modified and revised one, which is usually published on the Website. We may, in accordance with what we deem, inform you through your email of any changes or amendments. Please note that every use of the website and its pages and services is subject to the terms and conditions of its affiliates, which may get subject to modifications and developments from a time to another, by Al Huda Real Estate Investment Company.