Buying a property in Turkey

Our distinguished visitors:

Welcome to Al-Huda Real Estate Investment Company, your first choice in Istanbul

Throughout this page, Al-Huda Real Estate Investment Company is willing to introduce you to the most important things to think about when buying a property, hoping that this introduction would help you in completing purchases and sales in a safe and easy manner.

The legal aspect:

On the 18th of May 2012, a decision was taken by the Turkish government to cancel the terms of reciprocity for foreigners who show willingness to own a property in Turkey. This decision has permitted foreigners to buy and own properties in Turkey (houses, offices, lands ...etc) within the in-effect legal framework.

Get to Know about Turkey:

Al-Huda Real Estate Investment Company is going to facilitate your access to all the needed data and information on Turkey, including information on cities and top tourist attractions, as well as information on the Turkish State economy and the available investment opportunities.

Dear Valued Client:

Make sure you’re getting all what you need to know about Turkey and don’t hesitate to ask help from our sales consultants, who would pleasantly respond to your request as quickly as possible to help you get the best choice.

Define your goal:

As a starting point, Al-Huda Real Estate Investment Company would recommend you to clearly define the purpose of purchasing a property, whether was it for investment, living in Turkey or spending summer holidays there.

In short, defining your purpose would help us to quickly respond to your needs and find the best option for you.

Try it yourself:

Al-Huda Real Estate Investment Company will be more than happy to accompany you to all the projects and properties you desire to visit and provide you with detailed information on each of these projects and properties, which would help you make your decision.

Purchase contract:

In case you admired a certain project or property and decided to go ahead and buy it, a purchase contract will be prepared jointly with the company that owns this project or property in more than one language to be signed by both parties: the seller and the client. This would guarantee both the rights of both parties and the transparent completion of the necessary procedures.

Tax number and Bank account:

Following the completion of the purchase procedures, the client would need to obtain his own tax number in accordance with procedures and measurements followed in Turkey. The registration process can be accomplished in any of the local tax offices. It’s also recommended to open a bank account to ease your management of all your financial affairs including the payment of instalments and invoices.

Al-Huda Real estate Investment Company will always be keen to help you in all what you need.

Additional Expenditures:

The client should take into consideration the possibility of additional expenditures (valued 5-6%) for the completion of the purchase procedures and paying for the related taxis.

Our services following the purchase completion:

Al-Huda Real estate Investment Company is committed to continue providing its support to you till you get the title deed, finalize the registration for water, electricity and gas services and other necessary procedures.