Why Al-Huda?

Our valued customers:

Welcome to Al-Huda Real Estate Investment Company, your first choice in Turkey

Why Al-Huda! Below we introduce you to some of the decisive points that you need to think about before deciding on your Real estate agent.

It is not surprising that the majority of investors wishing to own properties in Turkey prefer to deal with Al Huda Real Estate Investment Company, as they are looking for confidence and optimal options for ownership.

Be aware when buying a property and make a good decision

1)Extremely-organized, neutral, transparent and professional working environment that would harmonize with the ambitions of our customers.

2)Leadership and professionalism of a work team with a unique working experience accumulated over years of long experiences with regional and international companies.

3)Professional and multilingual service through a client-support team, fully-prepared to meet your needs and answer your inquiries.

4)Full understanding of and respect for the norms and traditions of all our clients.

5)Enjoyable trips with the accompaniment of our teams from the moment of landing in the airport to the moment of owning the property.

6)Field visits accompanied by a team of highly-experienced sales representatives.

7)Research and analyses: Analyses and daily predictions of the Turkish Real Estate market as part of the facilities provided by Al-Huda Consultancy Gate.

8)High-quality offers and attractive opportunities to attain the highest possible profits

9)Ensuring the most favourable prices and best offers.

10) Provision of a wide and diversified set of services that harmonize with the highest international standards.

11) Availability of a large number of projects that vary according to the variations among our clients in terms of budget, desire...etc.

12) Availability of Real Estate projects in different statuses, including under construction, ready for delivery and under development.

13) Provision of real estate consultancy services and real estate development services.

14)Special follow-up after buying the property.

15) Property management including follow-up of monthly payments and invoices....... etc. For more information and details click here.

16) Marketing and renting the property and converting it to a second source of income. For more information and details click here.

17)Providing suggestions and consultations to raise the efficiency of the property or develop it.

18)Reselling the property and finding serious customers.

19)Establishing Turkish companies and opening local bank accounts in Turkey.

20)Following up the status of any client who would like to obtain a residence permit or the Turkish nationality.

21) Legal and financial consultations through legal expertises and following-up with clients until they obtain the title of ownership.

22) Following-up with all matters in relation to the property and representing the owner in the official and governmental bodies.

23) Collecting revenues due to the owners of real estate on the dates specified.

Al Huda Real Estate Investment: Professionalism, Commitment, Neutrality and Transparency