Real Estate Consultation

Alhuda Real Estate Company is keen to provide the largest amount of investment opportunities with a rewarding return for its clients, according to a methodology that works with transparency and full responsibility in all stages of real estate development and investment.

The elite group of attorneys and real estate consultants with great experience in the real estate market provide the best real estate services to clients wishing to own property in Turkey.

Among the services that Alhuda's crew gives a big importance to is the real estate consultation in Turkey service that Alhuda offers its clients for free.

Alhuda Real Estate Adviser provides the customer with all information regarding the investment costs and the initial expectations needed during the purchase of a property, the desired return from the real estate investment and all the details of the offers and requests related to the real estate projects.

And the investor who wants to own a property in Turkey must realize that the Turkish real estate market is experiencing years after another a rise in performance and a decrease in risk, which makes the percentage of requests for investment in it witness a big increase in big cities such as Istanbul, Antalya and Ankara.

The real estate consultation service provided by Alhuda for real estate investment does not stop at a certain type of property that includes properties inside and outside the cities in the villas style, residential complexes, tourist properties such as hotels, commercial properties such as shopping centers, lands and farms.

And the staff of Alhuda real estate investment experts specialized in real estate consultation and development can monitor and follow up the progress of real estate investment and ensure that all its stages are legal and professional.

Here we present to you the most important stages of the real estate consultancy services provided by each real estate adviser with Alhuda real estate company:

  • Providing field and competitive analysis of the type of the property required for investment.
  • Provide data on the suitability of the property required for the investor’s desire.
  • Giving broad and accurate details about the idea of real estate investing with the investor.
  • Providing data on the financial and administrative feasibility of the investment based on in-depth analysis and studies.
  • Putting the customer or investor in front of the pros and cons of the investment, whether in terms of profits or risks that can be used of the latter and finding alternative solutions and effective plans to overcome them.
  • Provide a ready plan for the client that includes all stages of profitable investment.
  • Informing the client periodically of all developments in Turkish legislation in the field of real estate, investment and urban organizations.
  • Informing the investor of the most effective methods of real estate financing and real estate investment funds.
  • Providing consultations regarding properties that are best suited to obtain Turkish citizenship and ways to acquire it in the shortest possible time.

Property Consulting Service in Turkey

Alhuda Real Estate company in Turkey puts a group of experts and professional consultants in the real estate market in the service of any customer and from any foreign country, especially those who intend to own property in Turkey and do not know the way to do so hence the free property consulting service led by a few real estate consultants

Those who are harnessed by Alhuda to help their clients choose the best property with the most suitable prices with a strategic plan to earn more from their real estate investments in Turkey.

Alhuda real estate consultants in Istanbul focus on providing all the information related to purchasing a property in Turkey for the benefit of clients, whether that related to the necessary expenses or taxes that can reach the benefits of investing in a project without others, as well as enlightening them with all Turkish real estate and economic legislation in order to ensure a safe and profitable investment at the same time .

It is a real estate consulting service in Istanbul or Turkey in general, one of the most important steps for ownership looking at the huge number of real estate projects that make the investor confused about the most suitable one for him and his financial capabilities as well as the multiplicity of procedures and stages of buying the property in Turkey.