Real Estate Consultations

Al Huda Real Estate Investment Company is keen to facilitate access of its customers to the maximum number of investment opportunities with high and profitable returns in accordance with a transparent and fully responsible business measurements in all phases of the real estate development and investment.

Al Huda Real Estate Investment Company offers its customers a wide range of legal services related to investment in real estate through a number of well-qualified and experienced lawyers and legal experts. Al Huda Real Estate Investment Company also does its best to increase access of investors to all the information and preliminary expectations related to investment in the real estate sector in Turkey, with a special focus on costs vs. revenues and supply vs. demand.

It is worth noting that the conditions surrounding the Turkish real estate sector, which witnessed a noticeable increase in performance and a decrease in risk over the few past years, have led to a growing demand for investment in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular.

Al Huda Real Estate Investment Company provides the real estate consultations at the level of individuals and companies, including thorough evaluations and feasibility studies for the real estate projects the client desire to invest in and the development of investment strategies based on the results of these evaluations and studies.

Indeed, our services are not restricted to investments in real estates related to housing like housing complexes; instead, they extend to cover investment sectors like commerce and tourism including investments in hotels, lands, farms and shopping centers.

All our services are provided by a team of professional experts in the field of real estate consultancy and development. We also monitor the progress of the investment and the completion of all the legal procedures related to contracting before the competent authorities.

Consulting services:

1. Providing field and competitive analyses of the type of investment under consideration.

2. Providing analyses on the extent of appropriateness of the property for the investor's ambitions and tendencies in investment.

3. Providing consultancy services to develop the investment idea as well as services to develop the concept of development.

4. Services related to feasibility studies.

5. Potential risks analyses including mitigation of these risks

6. We offer the best possible strategies related to the desired investment to ensure the desired success.

7. We continuously share updates with our customers on the latest governmental legislations and policies as well as the organizational proposals and developments of the Turkish cities.

8. We provide high-quality consultations regarding the real estate finance, guarantees and investment funds.