Reception & Real Estate Tours

Al Huda Real Estate Investment Company devotes a lot of effort to facilitate movement of its customers from the moment of landing at the airport till they arrive to the hotels. Provided services in this stage include reservation, transportation, translation…..etc.

New customers are gently received and welcomed by a representative of Al-Huda Real Estate Investment Company at the airport. Then, they are transported to the hotels where they’ve made their reservations in comfortable cars.

Al Huda Real Estate Investment Company also offers its customers different types of cars that fit with all their requirements and numbers. As well, it secures all their needs in terms of the car type and size. We also pay attention to VIPs and businessmen through special reception arrangements based on their request.

First: Receiving the New Customer at Istanbul Airports

New customers are welcomed by a professional staff from Al Huda Company at the main entrance gate of the airport using a banner with the full name of the customer. Then, he/she is accompanied to the hotel where the reservation was made.

Second: Receiving the New customer at the Headquarters of Al-Huda Real Estate Investment Company

New customers are welcomed at Al- Huda Real Estate Investment Company’s headquarters, where they are introduced to the company’s management and employees. Then, customers are invited to a special meeting room where they’re briefed on all the projects that fit with their plans and requirements. Customers are provided with detailed information on each of these projects, which will serve in identifying the most proper project for each client and organize a field visit to this project. Customers also receive copies of Al-Huda Investment Periodical.

Third: Real Estate Tours in Istanbul and Other Cities:

Following an adequate rest break at hotels, a tour is organized for new customers to the most important real estate projects in Istanbul or in other cities. This tour helps customers have better ideas on the available and under-construction real estate projects, which will help them decide on the project they want to get involved in. The real estate tours are organized and arranged by Al Huda Real Estate Investment Company

Fourth: Procedures in Case of Departure:

Guests and new customers are accompanied from the hotel on the final day to the departure hall (the airport) to complete the travel procedures through the designated entrances.