Reception & Real Estate Tours

Alhuda Real Estate company accompanies our valued clients through a number of services that allow them to buy property in Turkey with ease as it saves them effort and time by providing the best reception service in Turkey starting with the reception at the airport and helping them to reserve rooms in hotels close to real estate projects leading to free real estate tours for all housing projects that Investors are interested in buying within it through various Turkish cities, foremost of which are Istanbul, Antalya, Yalova, Askariya, Bursa, Trabzon or any other Turkish city, according to the client’s desire and choice.

Istanbul Real Estate Tours

Alhuda real estate company offers investment chances to foreign clients and customers from all countries in the world, and the best real estate services from the moment the customer thinks about buying the property to the point of obtaining the title deed, and even after-sales services in case of wanting to rent or sell the property with profitable benefits, and among the services Which Alhuda attaches great importance to is the free reception service for investors from the airport and ensuring that they are connected to their hotels for residence while ensuring all amenities, especially for those customers who visit Turkey for the first time, because of their need for translation and other additional necessary services.

Clients and customers coming to buy property in Turkey are welcomed at the airport in a sophisticated manner by one of Alhuda real estate investment representatives, after which they are transported by comfortable cars to their residence.

Alhuda Real Estate Company provides its valued customers with a number and different types of cars that suit different clients wishing to own property in Turkey in addition to the special reception service directed to specific groups such as important personalities and businessmen.

Below we show you the reception steps and real estate tours provided by Alhuda Real Estate company

First: Reception at Istanbul airports

The client is received by the representative of Alhuda Real Estate Company at the main entrance to the airport with a signboard with his full name written on it and accompanying it at the level of a luxury car equipped with a driver and representative of Alhuda who speaks Arabic, English and Persian, according to the nationality of the client to the hotel headquarters where he resides to rest from the hassle of travelling.

Second: Providing the best accommodation in the hotel

Waiting for the customer who chooses Alhuda as an address to invest in Turkey, high-end services in the hotel where he resides during the period of buying the property, where Alhuda remains in constant contact with the hotel staff to meet all the demands of the client throughout the days of his stay in Turkey.

Third: Receiving the client in the offices of Alhuda Real Estate Company

Alhuda provides clients with a service to welcome them at the company's headquarters to get to know the employees closely and the way to work in the field of real estate marketing.

A direct meeting will also be held between the customer and the sales representative to explain to him all the real estate projects and the legal steps to complete the ownership of property in Turkey.

The sales representative and Alhuda team attending the meeting answer all questions and inquiries submitted by the customer before starting the real estate tour in Istanbul.

Fourth: Real estate tours

After the above two steps, Alhuda real estate team accompanies the client in the most important step, which is conducting real estate tours for all projects that are of interest to the investor, whether inside or outside Istanbul.

The customer can, during the real estate tours, view the projects realistic after he had viewed them previously through visual or written props, or received explanations about them by the customer service staff.

The projects are seen by the client closely, i.e. on the ground, accompanied by the company representative who explains everything in detail in addition to giving details about the transportation network, service facilities and vital installations surrounding the project and all its advantages and even defects in order to highlight every detail to the customer regarding his real estate investment.

Fifth: the customer leaves

Accompanying guidance to its clients does not stop at the mere process of choosing the property and paying the deposit or even buying the property, but all procedures for leaving Turkey are also taken care of by moving the customer to the airport via a luxury car and following all the departure steps from the moment of depositing the bags and delivering the travel documents until the receipt of the boarding card The plane and passport stamp to spare the customer any problem they might face before departure.

Real Estate Tours in Other Cities

Alhuda Real Estate Company offers its visitors who want to own property in Turkey a free opportunity to conduct real estate tours in Istanbul through which all real estate projects are visited and viewed closely. Also, the real estate tour service does not stop in Istanbul only, as Alhuda real estate company provides to customers who came to Turkey with the aim of buying property real estate tours In Turkey as well, with its different cities, including "Bursa, Ankara, Trabzon, Sakarya, Antalya ... and others" where clients can view real estate projects in Istanbul and Turkey by looking directly at the percentage of completion and inspecting the sample apartments or villas that differ in designs according to the construction company.