Property Marketing (Promoting)

Property marketing service

Successful property marketing in Turkey is not limited to promoting the property only, it also includes finding a profitable real estate opportunity, after which the stage of promoting the property comes and then ending the deal with a great profit for the client.

After accompanying you in purchasing the best property, Alhuda Real Estate Company sets its sights on all the subsequent stages of property ownership as it strives to transfer your property from just a property in which you save your money to a second income source and source to double your capital by re-renting the property or reselling it again in order to reap The most profit and financial returns.

Property marketing is based on two main points:

  • Creating demand opportunities: where the opportunities for demand for real estate are created according to the desire of the customer or investor by identifying real estate marketing opportunities, planning, advertising, promoting, publishing, pricing of real estate and directing the real estate advertising advertisement towards the groups concerned with it.
  • Demand service: This service is based on studying each property separately, where it is marketed accurately and from more than one side and determining its value as a permanent investment opportunity, and this is what Alhuda Real Estate relies on while providing property marketing in Turkey, especially as the property generally increases its price by increasing demand Lack of supply and vice versa, i.e. its price decreases in the event of increased demand and less real estate offers, but this does not refute the fact that no matter how low the property maintains its real price, the fact that it rarely coincides with the premise of declining real estate prices, especially in a country such as Turkey, which is among the most active and vital real estate markets In the world .

2 property marketing in Turkey: process and steps

Alhuda Real Estate company in providing the property marketing service in Turkey depends on procedures and steps that guarantee profitable benefits for the customer who wants to market his property for the purpose of renting or reselling again as the property marketer follows several necessary steps based on honesty and transparency in dealing with the foreign investor who is trying hard to acquire full confidence and providing an atmosphere of comfort and safety that the real estate marketing of his properties will guarantee him abundant profit and the fact that all real estate marketers on its team enjoy a great keenness on work, honesty in performance, high ethics in treatment and a high sense of responsibility and paying attention to all the details related to the process of property marketing.

Alhuda Real Estate company has made use of a package of services for its valued customers in the framework of real estate marketing, whether through lease or through a resale option.

In the attached table below, you can check the procedures and determine your goal based on these data, and leave the rest on Alhuda Real Estateand property marketing company in Turkey:

Lease packageResale package
 Property marketing and advertisingProperty advertising and marketing
Finding a tenant according to good specifications finding good clients
Checking the tenant's budget accompany the customer to view the property
Managing and organizing the lease Preparing the sale contract
Rent collectionPerforming tapu transfer services with or without an agency
Accounting and tax paymentscleaning the property "apartment or villa"
Collect monthly payments from tenantaccounting and pay taxes 
Verify the tenant’s commitment to pay the monthly dues “bills and returns”Arrange all procedures for the client’s receipt of the property with a guarantee of accompaniment.
Receiving and inspecting the apartment from the tenant upon expiry of the leaseverifying that the payments have reached the bank account

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