Property Marketing (Promoting)

Al-Huda Real Estate Investment Company seeks to change your  Properties to an efficient source of income for you. Following the purchase of the proper property, Al-Huda Real Estate Investment Company can offer you the possibility of renting or re-selling your property to the end of securing another source of income for you or attain the highest profits possible.

Marketing is nothing but transferring services and products from the production sites into their consumption sites. Real Estate Marketing is actually based on two basic factors:

1. Creation of demand: Creating a demand for a certain product or service can be achieved through the identification of its marketing opportunities, planning, advertisement, promotion, pricing and finally selecting its target audiences.

2. Demand service: Al-Huda Real estate Investment Company holds thorough, and precise analysis of each property entrusted to it for marketing purposes, including the periodic pricing of it as an investment opportunity.

It’s important to take into consideration the fact that the price of a property increases when demand increases and supply gets lower. The opposite is fully true, meaning that the price of a property decreases when supply increases and demand gets lower. Anyway, it will maintain a constant price when supply matches with demand.

We’re pleased to introduce you to our various marketing service packages for rent or re-selling; please identify clearly the purpose of owning a property to enable us from correctly meeting your demands.

Reselling PackageRent Package
Promotion, advertisement and marketingAdvertisement and marketing
Identifying new customersIdentifying the proper renters
Accompanying the client to watch the propertyExamining the renter’s financial power
Preparing the sale contractManaging the renting contract
Transferring ownership with or without procurationCollecting the monthly payments from the renter
CleaningAccounting and tax payments
Accounting and tax paymentsCollecting the monthly payments from the renter
Accompanying the client in receipt of the property and arrange all necessary proceduresEnsuring the renter’s commitment in terms of the monthly invoices and payments
Ensuring that payments reach your bank accountReceiving and examining the apartment from the renter at the end of the contract

Your property is in safe hands