Legal Procedures

What are the legal procedures that must be followed to purchase properties in Turkey

The legal procedures a foreigner must follow to purchase a property in Turkey is much simpler than expected. Purchasing a property in Turkey is much easier compared with other European countries.

Foreigners (who haven’t gotten the Turkish nationality) can easily buy, own and register real estate or properties in Turkey as far as those real estates or properties are not located close to military zones.

A title deed written in Turkish Language will be imparted for the new owner of the real estate or property. This title deed constitutes an official document that proves the ownership of the real estate or property. It’s worth noting that the land registration office, which pertains to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is fully responsible for the completion of all the relevant procedures.

When the ownership of the real estate or property is legally proved, then it can be moved to another person without any obstacles.

Routine procedures:

1. First thing you must do is to open a bank account in a local bank. Al-Huda Real Estate Investment Company is fully committed to help you complete this procedure, especially when it comes to the instructions, translation .... etc.

2. A sale contract shall be signed by the owner of the property (Vendor) and the purchaser (Buyer) in the presence of a is an official and legal document that includes all the needed personal information’s of both parties (the vendor and the purchaser) as well as other details related to the property itself like the price, the date, the payments, ...etc.

3. After filling the application, the application shall be submitted to the land registration office- as mentioned above- to commence the procedures needed to get the approval of the ministry of inner affairs authorities that this property is valid for ownership. Usually, this approval takes maximum 30 -45 days to be issued.

4. Al-Huda Real Estate Investment Company will follow up with all these procedures and measurements. All the purchaser needs to do is to cover the expenses.

5. Following the completion of all the procedures, the vendor shall go to the Real Estate Registration office to the end of transferring the property to the new owner.

6. Al-Huda Real Estate Investment Company recommends you to be careful during the purchase process. We recommend you to bring an independent lawyer with you who is fluent in English. Depending on your desire, the company can provide such an expertise

In addition to all the aforementioned services in relation to purchasing and owning a real estate in Turkey, Al-Huda Real estate Company has another package of services for all those foreigners who have the intention to invest in Turkey:

1. General legal consultations

2. Providing detailed reports on the legal status of the real estate under consideration (Detailed information on the legal status of your real estate can be obtained from the Real estate Registration Department).

3. Preparing the contract related to the property and the construction.

4. Legal follow-up of all the disputes related to the real estate.

5. Providing legal consultations in relation to all Turkish companies.

6. Establishing a company in Turkey

7. Consultations in the field of establishing new branches for foreign companies in Turkey.

8. Taxis and insurances.

9. Inventory of inheritance and will of the dead

The title deed (Tabou)

The Tabou (title deed) is a formal legal proof of the property ownership. It’s usually requested from the Real Estate Registration Office. Both the vendor and the purchaser can get it written in Turkish. An application with survey data will be send to the ministry of inner affairs, which in turn will take the necessary procedures; this process will take maximum  30 to 45 days.