Ask these questions to a counselor before purchasing a property in Turkey

Ask these questions to a counselor before purchasing a property in Turkey

 اطرح هذه الأسئلة على المستشار قبل شراء العقار


Hello, I want to buy a property in Turkey, how much is the cost?

The consultant answers and gives the prices to the customer, so he moves directly to the actual purchase stage after he likes one of the prices!

Is this question, in your opinion, sufficient to make a life investment in a country like Turkey?

Al Huda Company for Real Estate Investment and development Adviser answers you with all credibility and honesty: it is not enough at all, because you are in front of a very big step that requires patience and extensive consultation and asking the largest possible number of questions and not any kind of them but those that give you answers that really help you to buy a property in Turkey.

In this regard, we propose to you a set of topics that you, as clients, should first inquire about, and we will highlight to you its importance to clarify the full vision about all offers of to buy  apartments in Istanbul or the purchase of a property in Turkey in general.

Availability of financial discounts when purchasing the property?

One of the important questions to ask when you receive any offer of the prices of properties in Turkey is the availability of space for negotiation and discounting, and do not hide here your complete seriousness in asking for discounts, but try to repeat it more than once until it is firmly established at the other party your desire to seize the best opportunities to buy the property and obtain the strongest deals, but often in the event that you want to buy a property in modern residential complexes with high services, you will face challenges and difficult for you task given that the price has been approved by construction companies, especially in the event that the housing project is ready and selling many apartments from it, but here we advise you to an opportunity for discounts, which is to go to real estate companies that have solid relations with construction companies and thus will play in your place an active role in reducing the sale price to numbers you do not expect, which is the same experience that Al Huda Real Estate Company had with many clients when it mediated to reduce the purchase price of properties in Istanbul by virtue of its strong relations with the largest and most reliable construction company and the most reputable in terms of building and construction of the most luxurious residential projects.

The extent of quality and guarantee of the materials used in building the property

Possessing accurate data about the materials used to build your future property is a very important thing, given that this aspect affects many points, most notably the quality of the building, its solidity and its second price in the real estate market, as the higher the quality of the used materials, the higher the price in the future if you go towards the investment step by selling the property, and do not neglect the question about interior building materials used in decoration such as ceramics, flooring, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, materials used in doors, the quality of water faucets, electrical installations, chimneys and other things as they determine mainly the price of the property in the market as it is witnessing recent developments in the ways of achievement days after the other.

Availability of services, transportation, views and green spaces

Knowing this aspect enables you to get acquainted with the way you live in the future if you choose the property for residential ownership, as the charming views of green spaces give your building a special charm that you will have the opportunity to enjoy throughout the year. Gyms, lifts, escalators and more.

And all these details also play an active role in determining the value of the property in case you consider selling it in the future, as it may generate huge profits for you in case you choose your apartment in the most suitable project with strategic dimensions.

What guarantees do construction companies offer?

You must ask carefully about the quality of the guarantees provided by the completed companies for real estate projects and whether they were guarantees provided by the Turkish government, for example, and do not lose sight of the question about whether all the guarantees related to construction were “decoration, building materials, equipment ..” clearly indicated in The contract of sale .

Laws applied in the area where you bought a property

Inquire in depth about everything that is laws and rules that must be dealt with in the area that you have chosen to live in order to never fall into a critical situation in the future, as you must know the taxes imposed on the various services and their value.

The extent to which it can communicate with previous clients

This point has the ability to enable you to evaluate the reliability of the company you are dealing with, and the quality of its services through live previous experiences that represent a real model that gives you a comprehensive answer about the positive or negative of the company by comparing the obligations of old customers and promises from the employees of the company.

After enlightening you with all these details about the questions that must be asked before purchasing any type of property in Turkey, we hope that you have a clear vision on how to choose your future property in Turkey.

  And if you want to project reality on these data that we presented in this article entitled "Ask these questions to the consultant before buying the property", we advise you to browse  Al Huda Real Estate Company’s website as you will find the advantages of all luxury projects to choose the most suitable and profitable real estate project in the event that it is converted into an investment.

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