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The Asian side of Istanbul... worth a visit for sure

اسطنبول الآسيوية.. ملتقى الطبيعة والحضارة

It's known that #Istanbul city in Turkey has one of the most unique and important locations as it bonds two big continents and two different worlds.

Istanbul itself is a perfect representation of the merge of Europe and Asia as it extends on both continents to be a city with two sides on the #Bosporus_strait one is European and the other is Asian.

In general, the European side of the city takes the most of the spot lights and is more known and attended by tourists and even by investors who want to #buy_apartments_in_istanbul,

But many forget about the Asian side of Istanbul which is as important and as charming as the other European one, and that’s because of its remarkable features and monuments like:

Kadiköy: it is located right off Beşiktaş on the other side, and it is an outstanding site that attracts tourists because of its magnificent views on the strait and the Maiden Tower, that’s in addition to the many features that can be found in it like the restaurants, cafes, shopping centers, historical palaces, mosques and the most important of which the “Bagdad street” which is as important and as beautiful as the known #Istiklal_street.

Uskudar: this area contains most of Asian Istanbul’s beautiful sites like Çengelköy which has the Çınaraltı park,

In uskudar you can also find the highest top in Istanbul which is the #Çamlıca_hill this hill has the most breathtaking view on the whole city with its both sides.

In the Asian side of Istanbul, you can enjoy shopping as well as it has a number of big shopping centers like, Akasya, Venice and Via port mall.

If you are willing to visit Turkey anytime soon and thinking about owning a property in it then, consider buying #apartments_in_istanbul_asia.