You will want to buy property in Turkey immediately

Property in Turkey: you will want to buy after finishing this article immediately

Property in Turkey

If you are thinking of buying property in Istanbul or Turkey in general, this means that you are in front of one of the most important and best options in the world and the biggest steps in your life, then you are in the right country for real estate investment, where many foreign investors rush on buying property in Istanbul and other Turkish regions and cities for multiple purposes. Most notably, housing and stability, investment, real estate residence in addition to the fact that property ownership is the shortest way for obtaining the Turkish passport thanks to the historical decision that reduced investment in order to acquire Turkish citizenship by investment or owning a property in Turkey to only 250 thousand US dollars instead of a million.

It is worth noting that the Turkish economy has jumped in the past few years to the top, where it has become one of the most growing and competitive emerging economies in the global market, and the real estate sector within it has shifted to the first profitable market with the largest returns and benefits for its investors.

Attracting real estate investors to Turkey is a result of it being one of the most important global destinations for tourism, as millions of tourists flock to it annually, which motivated the owners of money and businessmen to buy property in Turkey during the recent years, especially in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Why is buying property in Turkey the right decision?

There are many options of for sale property in Turkey according to the different regions, the budget allocated, the view and the type of the apartment itself if it is duplex, triplex, penthouse, hotel apartments, sea view or cheap apartments with a limited budget, as it meets the tastes of all types of investors, whatever their financial capabilities.

And buying property in Turkey for the purpose of investment is one of the important and correct decisions for any investor wishing to own a property in Turkey for several factors, among which we mention:

  • The strategic location of the country of Turkey, as it is a link between Europe and the Middle East.
  • The multiplication of real estate deals in Turkey in different regions and its beauty "sea, natural views ..."
  • Turkey contains the best construction companies in the world that built the largest projects, both internally and externally.
  • The large facilities, incentives, and multiple tax exemptions that the Turkish state offers to foreigners who are looking for buying property in Istanbul, Turkey, or any other country.
  • Continuous government encouragement to create more new real estate projects to suit the growing demand.
  • The prosperity of tourism activity in Turkey throughout the year, which results in a guaranteed profit for the investors who want to rent apartments for the tourists who come strongly.

How to buy the best property in Turkey?

  • Not only describing offers for buying property in Turkey through various props and electronic platforms, but actually seeing the property on the ground.
  • Study the area of ​​the real estate project in which the apartment that you want to buy is located in terms of infrastructure, the type of apartment you want to own and all the facilities and services provided.
  • Always raise the ceiling of your requests and search for the apartment built according to international specifications and standards, as the return on sale or rent in such types of apartments increases with time.
  • Ensure that your apartment is free of structural defects and of all types of debts, financial liabilities, mortgages, taxes and legal liabilities.
  • Using all of the above steps with the help of a real estate agent or a trusted real estate company that follows all your steps in purchasing apartments in Turkey with all transparency, reliability and diligence.


How to ensure luxury when buying a property in Turkey?

  • Always strive to buy your luxury apartment in a quiet area, with distinctive views freely, naturally or otherwise, near vital facilities, shopping centers and distinguished services, modern and integrated.
  • Buy your apartment in residential complexes that respect international standards in construction and high-end services, in order to guarantee in the future your profitability benefit during resale or leasing.
  • Investing in smart apartments that have artificial intelligence systems in all of their facilities is a unique option that will make you live the luxury of ownership and investment profitability.
  • Choose the most luxurious and quality type such as duplexes, duplexes and penthouses.
  • See your apartment on the ground and ask for all its details before buying.

It suffices to follow these tips while buying a property in Istanbul or Turkey in general and leave the rest on Alhuda Company regarding property management from furniture to resale until you decide.