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Sulaymaniyah mosque in Istanbul

 عرف على جامع السليمانية في إسطنبول

Istanbul city is considered one of the most #beautiful_touristic_places_in_turkey

As it contains a lot of the most important historical monuments in the world, like the palaces, museums and the historic mosques.

And for this Istanbul attracts tourists from around the world, in addition to foreign investors who are interested in #real_estate_in_turkey and want to #buy_apartments_in_istanbul especially.

And one of the most important monuments and mosques in Istanbul is Sulaymaniyah mosque, the most famous mosque of this unique city.

This remarkably designed mosque was a masterpiece of the famous Ottoman architecture Mimar Sinan who was given the order to build it by the Sultan Suleiman the magnificent, and it was built in the period between 1550-1557 AD.

The Sulaymaniyah mosque was a source of pride for its architecture Mimar Sinan as he considered it his most beautiful and remarkable work with its design as it combines the Ottoman style with many other foreign architectural styles.

The mosque is located in “Sulaymaniyah” near the #Egyptian_bazaar in #Eminonu, and it was built on a hill that overlooks the #Bosphorus_strait and the #golden_horn bay.

The total space area of the mosque is 70 Acres, and it consists of the mosque, the grave of #sultan_suleiman_the_magnificent and his wife Hurrem Sultan in addition to schools, a hospital, a Quran school, an architecture school, a library, bathes, markets and the grave of Mimar Sinan.

The mosque has the capacity of 10 thousand worshiper inside and 6 thousand in the outside and this number gets higher on some special occasions where it reaches 30 thousand.

The mosque has a lot of beautiful details like the dome which was built with 275 rocks in the shape of cubes in order to distribute the voice equally in the whole place.

If you want to come to Turkey as a tourist or to invest and #buy_apartments_in_istanbul you have to visit Sulaymaniyah mosque and get introduced to the golden era of the Ottoman Empire.