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Offers for buying property in Istanbul .. Do not miss investment in this region

شقق للبيع في اسطنبول تركيا

In one of the most beautiful and most important areas of Istanbul, the European region of lies Zeytinburnu the transportation node of the economic capital of Turkey and its beating commercial heart and its largest real estate market promising in regard of the size of the huge urban projects being constructed in all its parts, especially that Zeytinburnu has a distinctive geographical location where it is bordered to the north by Bayrampasa region and from the south overlooks the Sea of ​​Marmara, but from the west, it is adjacent to the prestigious area of ​​Bakirkoy, while its eastern borders are adjacent to old Istanbul, and precisely the Fatih and Eyup Sultan regions, which made it a point of contact between Ataturk Airport and the old center.

Zeytinburnu region was able to transform from just a small town in the 1950s to the most important neighborhoods of Istanbul today due to the growing government interest in it, as many government centers and departments were built in it in addition to providing it with the largest number of parks, gardens and shopping centers overlooking the sea directly, which became a first destination for many families in the neighboring areas looking for a comfortable weekend.


Zeytinburnu..the best destination for buying property in Istanbul

In the recent years, the name of the Zeytinburnu region has appeared in all offers of apartments for sale and for buying property in Istanbul due to the luxury projects in the region with distinctive engineering designs, which made most of the foreign investors wanting to buy a property in Istanbul intended for ownership or investment as they provide both.

Zeytinburnu is generally divided into an old neighborhood whose housing options are characterized by simplicity, since most of its apartments are within the system of regular buildings with low floors, while the second section is distributed in high-rise towers and high modern buildings and residential complexes that have become a building feature in recent years, and most importantly, most of the buildings of the modern section are characterized by charming views of the Sea of ​​Marmara did not raise the prices of buying property in Istanbul in Zeytinburnu.

The Zeytinburnu area attracted a mix of Turkish citizens and foreigners from various nationalities to buy property in Turkey, Istanbul.

And Zeytinburnu region has witnessed a great renaissance in the real estate sector due to its vital location and its containment of many transportation in addition to its maritime views, in which the number of housing projects doubled and investors wishing to double their capital by buying property in Istanbul, Turkey.

What increases Zeytinburnu’s importance in the real estate market in Turkey, is that it was previously a commercial and industrial center for many trades and professions, which contributed to its subsequent transformation into the most important areas of urban expansion and the completion of Istanbul properties that are for sale and investment.

Real estate projects in Istanbul in Zeytinburnu are distinguished by their dazzling engineering designs and high elegance in finishing, luxury views of the sea, gardens, parks, vital facilities, schools and transportation, which made the price per square meter when buying property in Istanbul in Zeytinburnu region increase year after year.


Why are investors interested in buying property in Istanbul in the Zeytinburnu region?

All the attractions met in the Zeytinburnu region, firstly because it is located in the center of Istanbul, it is only 15 minutes from the famous Taksim Square and only twenty minutes from Besiktas, for the state of time duration from Ataturk Airport, which will turn into the largest park in the world.

As mentioned above, the Zeytinburnu region is an important transportation hub in Istanbul as it is equipped with all means of transportation and all lines reach from metrobus, metro, tramway, marmaray subway, ships, public transport buses and taxis, not to mention its proximity to the main road in Istanbul E5 and the port of Bakirkoy.

The geographical location of Zeytinburnu and its proximity to the sea made it one of the most popular areas for buying property in Istanbul, Turkey, in addition to containing many government and service facilities and shopping centers that are easy for life and help in carrying out all daily transactions. .

Zeytinburnu region also includes many monuments, mosques, churches, historical sites and ancient museums, attracting many tourists from the world, many of whom turned into investors in the Turkish real estate market.

Finally, we present to you a video clip produced by Alhuda Real Estate company on one of the best projects in Zeytinburnu area.


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