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15 km from the European center of Istanbul and 25 km from the famous Taksim Square, Istanbul sleeps, the luxurious city of "Floria", the most prestigious municipality of Bakirkoy, adjacent to the coast of the charming Marmara Sea.


Florya Istanbul, one of the most vital cities and tourist areas that thousands of tourists visit annually to enjoy its stunning views and high-end services, in addition to a significant growth in recent years for the numbers of those wishing to settle in it permanently, whether Turkish or foreign, whose requests have increased significantly to buy apartments in Florya Istanbul.


Floria combines all the elements of luxury and beauty with its distinctive and entertaining services, shops, restaurants, streets, parks and climate, which in recent years has turned it into a place where everyone pilgrimages in search of days full of entertainment, comfort, pleasure and relaxation.


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  • Florya: the geographical location 
  • Florya: Transportation
  • The most important tourist and entertainment places in Florya
  • Floria ... an unrivaled tourist and investment attraction
  • Floria ... the luxury of real estate investment in Istanbul
  • Real estate projects ready for investment in Florya Istanbul


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Florya: the geographical location 

منطقة فلوريا اسطنبول

Florya is located in the European side of Istanbul in the Bakirkoy area along the Sea of Marmara. 

The Istanbul Marmaray metro line passes through it, which is considered one of the most important transportation lines in Istanbul, where the tourist places in European Istanbul connect with the tourist places in Istanbul, Asia, which passes through a tunnel under the Bosphorus.


Florya Istanbul is one of the most touristic places that attract tourists due to its charming coastlines and stunning nature, in addition to the variety of tourist and entertainment places such as the Flora Aquarium, the charming Istanbul Florya Beach, and the wonderful malls, in addition to the gardens with picturesque views and the spread of restaurants, cafes and hotels.


Floria has a long history dating back to the Byzantine era, as it was a center for relaxation and recreation for Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish state. Ataturk used to spend his free time in it either enjoying its golden sandy beaches or swimming in its clear waters.


Florya: what kind of transportation can I take to go there? 


There are several ways to get from Istanbul center to Florya:

  • The Metrobus is the best and fastest way.
  • Access to Floria by transfer from the nearby Sherinevler and Zeytinburnu stations, which are considered the heart of transportation in Istanbul.
  • Buses from the Eminonu commercial area, using buses BN1 and BN2, and disembarking at the Aquarium Mall station.
  • Floria's proximity to the E-5 highway provides access to it from several areas such as Esenyurt and its environs from modern cities.


The most important tourist and entertainment places in Florya


Florya Aquarium


aquarıum florya


Florya Aquarium located in Florya in Istanbul, opened in 2011 and is a member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums.


Floria Aquarium is one of the largest and most beautiful basins of marine life in the world, as it includes a large variety of fish and marine organisms, where visitors enjoy an enjoyable excursion that begins in the Black Sea and ends in the Pacific Ocean, passing through a geographical road that includes more than 10 geographical roads and a rainforest.


The Aquarium Florya of Istanbul is one of the favorite places for family trips, especially for children, where they can enjoy its wonderful features and contents by taking a tour that begins with marine creatures in the Black Sea and ends with creatures in the Pacific Ocean.


You can join a diving trip with professional trainers to swim with sharks or participate in feeding the sharks. You can also participate in a diving training program organized by the Aquarium of Istanbul, in addition to visiting the Aqua Florya gift shop and the acquisition of some souvenirs.


Aqua Florya


aqua florya


The Aqua Florya Mall is located in the Florya area of Istanbul and is considered one of the largest shopping centers in European Istanbul, which attracts the attention of tourists, especially Arabs.


The Aqua Florya Mall offers many high-end and varied merchandise in addition to distinctive entertainment activities, as it contains a group of international fashion brands in addition to accessories and cosmetics.


There is also a miniature amusement park for children in Aqua Florya Mall, in addition to cinemas, a bowling alley, an exhibition of the human body and its parts, art exhibitions and concerts.

Florya Beach istanbul


florya beach


Florya Beach in the area of ​​Florya in European Istanbul, characterized by the attractive sunset, it's clear blue water and golden sand, and it is one of the most important and beautiful beaches of Istanbul, where you can sit and enjoy the gentle air breezes and watch the glamorous sunset scene and charming landscapes.


As for strolling in Floria Park, which is located near the beach, among the greenery, old trees and colorful flowers, it gives you a feeling of relaxation in the fresh and clean air.


You can also do recreational activities such as surfing if you like adventure or swimming in the clear blue waters.


Flight Museum


flıght museum florya ıstanbul


The flight  Museum is located in Bakirkoy, in the Florya region of European Istanbul, and is one of the most important historical and archaeological museums in Istanbul.


The flight   Museum in Florya is considered the first of its kind in Turkey, it was a military base and then turned into a museum with an area of about 1400 square meters.


The flight  Museum in Florya is divided into a closed section with an area of about 1,400 square meters. It displays warplanes, tools and equipment used by the Turkish Air Force in addition to things belonging to important personalities that started from the Ottoman era to the present day.


The open section of the Floria flight Museum displays many civil and military aircraft, helicopters and heavy weapons that were used by the Turkish Air Force in addition to transport vehicles.


There is also a cinema in the Florya flight Museum, showing films on the types of aircraft and their use.


Floria ... an unrivaled tourist and investment attraction


Floria includes many tourist potentials that make it a strong competitor in terms of attracting tourists, whose numbers exceed millions annually, and among the most important of what it has:

The clean and oldest beach in Istanbul, which has a wide reputation as it was associated with the name of the founder of the Turkish Republic, Kemaluddin Ataturk, who used to choose him as his favorite coastal destination, which made Florya Beach very popular among Turks and even foreigners coming to Istanbul.

It offers many distinct activities within Florya Beach, such as surfing, swimming, snorkeling and boating, in addition to recreation and enjoyment of the picturesque views.

Florya Coast Park, which is considered the best place for family tours, especially as it is near the beach.

Many parks and green spaces that include amusement and play spaces for children.

The Military Aviation Museum and some other historical and archaeological attractions that attract thousands of visitors annually.

A chain of famous Turkish restaurants due to their presentation of distinctive meals, especially the sea, such as Florya Istanbul Restaurant, Betty Restaurant, Shazly Restaurant, Hack Fransel Restaurant and Miyos Balik Restaurant.

Floria Park, with a large area and permanent greenery, contains ballrooms for about 1000 people with wonderful outdoor places to relax near the Sea of ​​Marmara.

Luxury hotels with charming views suitable for the comfort of tourists, such as the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Florya Istanbul, Floria House, Blue Inn Istanbul Florya and Cinar Istanbul Florya.

The Aqua Florya Mall, which was built 7 years ago with an area of ​​50 thousand square meters, includes 145 shops of well-known Turkish and international brands, and two ground floors for parking with a capacity of 1500 vehicles.

Istanbul Aquarium, or "the water city of Florya", which is divided into two floors and includes water basins with more than 15 thousand species of marine and amphibious creatures brought from all countries of the world in the form of sharks, which made the Aquarium a destination for thousands of visitors annually where they can participate in feeding fish and practicing Several activities and buying souvenirs.