Dolma Bahça Palace

Dolma Bahça Palace

قصر دولما بهشة

 Turkey is considered the paradise of the earth and the focus of attention of tourists from all parts of the world due to the beauty of its nature, civilizational history and its ancient ruins that tell the stories of civilizations and cultures that it went through over time.

Istanbul is one of the most beautiful Turkish cities and the most global places to attract tourists, which is characterized by its tourist places and its historical and ancient palaces that tell the stories of its rule from the Ottoman sultans and well-known leaders.

The historical palaces in the city of Istanbul are symbol of the strength of the Ottoman Empire and the state of prosperity that was living. Among the most famous of these palaces is the Dolma Bahça Palace, which is considered an artistic masterpiece unique in all the world. Dolma Bahça Palace is a fascinating architectural design that combines eastern and western style of architecture

Dolma Bahça Palace is located in the city of Istanbul on the European side in the Besiktas region directly overlooking the Bosphorus Strait and is one of the most famous palaces and museums in Turkey 

  Dolma Bahça Palace  was built on a natural harbour, whose land was stuffed in dirt , to become a special garden for the sultans, from here the name Dolma Bahça Palace came .

In 1843 Sultan Abdul Hamid I ordered to build the palace, which took 13 years to build, at a cost of about 30 tons of gold. Fourteen tons of gold were used, in addition to 60 tons of silver to paint the ceilings and decorate the palace.

the Ottoman architects in the construction of the Dolma Bahça Palace  displayed the most beautiful architectural arts in France, Germany and Italy that were widespread in that period in addition to the Ottoman architecture. The palace also contains the largest piece of crystal chandelier in the world

During the construction of the Dolma Bahça Palace, the architects blended the Rococo style of aristocratic depiction and sculpture with the Baroque style characterized by curved shapes and elaborate use of columns in addition to classic paintings inspired by Greek art.

Dolma Bahça Palace became the residence of the Ottoman Sultan and the administrative centre of the rule of the Ottoman Empire, after the Topkapi Palace was converted into a museum.  In the Dolma Bahça Palace lived 6 Ottoman sultans in addition to the founder of the Turkish state Mustafa Kemal Ataturk   , who was the first president of the new Turkish state ,

The palace has witnessed many important events. 

The inner section of the palace consists of 285 rooms and 46 halls divided into three sections,  which the peace section (selamlik), also known as the Sultan’s Council division, the general section which is to receive guests and ambassadors, and the haremlik section which is dedicated to the family and wives of the Sultan, In addition to 6 Turkish baths and the clock tower, in addition to the Ataturk room, which is a room for the founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, where he stayed during his treatment and he died in it , and you can see the clock stopped at 9.05 which is the time he died and you also find the bed that died on it covered with the flag Turkish.

The entrance hall: It is the entrance to the Dolma Bahça Palace from the inside. From it starts a tour to the palace. The entrance hall overlooks the Bosphorus Strait and was used by the Ottoman Sultans and officials as a state council and meeting place

Also Dolma Bahça Palace is famous for its fascinating luxury and luxury in its design where its spacious halls with its decorative columns and huge crystal chandeliers made of crystal that presented a gift from Queen Victoria, it also contains about 700 lamps in addition to the most beautiful paintings of the most famous artists in addition to many artefacts and sculptures of a lion and a tiger, There is a silver watch donated from France, and the chimneys of the palace are made of silver and its furniture is the most beautiful and luxurious furniture in the world.

As for the floor, it is covered with the finest types of royal red carpets made of silk and wool, studded with threads of gold and silver.


The palace has more than one gateway, the largest and most famous of it . the gate of the Sultan's procession .