All the information about transportation in Istanbul:

All the information about transportation in Istanbul:

كافة المعلومات عن وسائل المواصلات في اسطنبول:

Istanbul in Turkey is considered the first tourism destination for tourists from different countries of the world due to its beauty of nature and temperate climate, in addition to its historical heritage of ancient civilizations that left an eternal imprint across the times in this city.

Istanbul extends over a very wide geographical area for one city, with a total area of approximately 5460 square kilometers and a land area of about 5300 square meters, and the city is divided administratively into 39 municipalities, each of which includes a number of neighborhoods and facilities.

This wide geographical extension makes the issue of movement between the city's divisions difficult without a doubt, which is what the Turkish government was keen to find solutions to by making a huge and developed transportation network in the city that connects all its divisions and facilitates transportation from the Asian side to the European in full.

So the issue of proximity to basic transportation is very important if you have the desire to buy a property in Istanbul, as the project's proximity to major roads and transportation stations such as the metro increases the property’s features and makes it more suitable for living, working or even investing as buying an apartment in Istanbul in a well serviced transportation site increases the chances of making it a basis for good investment and guaranteed profit.

So, if you intend to visit Istanbul soon, you must know the means of transportation in the city, whether you intend to take a tourist trip or invest and buy a property in Istanbul.


Means of transportation in Istanbul and its types:

Istanbul municipalities provide the best services for their residents, and the Turkish government seeks to make Istanbul the first destination for tourists and investors who want to buy properties in Istanbul to live or invest.

So today we find many means of transportation in Istanbul, land and sea, which makes the matter of moving between its parts more accessible to residents, including:

Highways: such as E-5 and TEM highways, which are the main roads in Istanbul and extend in the European and Asian sections

Bridges: They are the bridges between Istanbul, European and Asian, and to this day they include Bosporus Bridge (July 15 Martyrs Bridge), Sultan Mehmed Fatih Bridge and Yavuz Selim Bridge

Ground transportation in Istanbul:

The metro: a fast means of transportation, which is an underground railway network. The metro in Istanbul consists of two lines, one to the south and the other to the north. The metro network serves the Asian and European divisions, and covers most areas of the city. Istanbul Metro construction dates back to 2000 AD.

It has several lines in the city of Istanbul along the city, namely:

Ataturk Aksaray Airport Line

Yen Kabi Haciosman line

Kadikoy Kartal line

Marmaray Line, which connects the Asian and European city divisions

Metrobus: The metrobus is the backbone of Istanbul, and the fastest transportation link between the Asian and European sides. The Turks rely on the metrobus for their daily commute.

It is the main means of transportation in Istanbul, which is represented by long buses that run on a special and specific path that runs between Sogutlucesme in the Asian section of it and to Beylikduzu in its European section.

Tramway: a convenient transportation link between the central areas of Istanbul. You can take a tram and wander through the streets of the old city and roam its markets. 

Tramways are a cheap mode of transportation; the passenger fare is 2 TL.

And it is a transport train above the ground that runs on a railway within the city streets and its route is not straight, and unlike the metro and metro bus, the tramway sometimes stands at traffic lights and has four lines linking the most important tourist areas in the city to each other, namely:

Kabatas- Bagcilar 

Sishane - Taksim 

Kadikoy- Moda 

 Habibler- Topkapi

Buses: The bus network is strong and huge, covering all areas of Istanbul, and connecting them with each other. For example, you can take a single bus to take you from Esenyurt to Taksim Square.

That is in addition to the fact that the internal transport buses, whose positions are distributed in every alley of every neighborhood in the city, and minibuses, which are small buses that serve the regions and municipalities in Istanbul.

Maritime transport in Istanbul: Traveling by ferry cuts distances in Istanbul, as it avoids hindering congestion and ferries between the Asian and European sides. You can reach from the YeniKapi in the European side to the islands of the princesses or Bursa through them.