Expert Tips on Solving Real Estate Problems in Turkey

How to solve real estate problems in Turkey!

solving real estate problems in Turkey

There are many foreigners who fall into the trap of fraud or property mistakes in Turkey, but it is difficult for them to find a way out easily, and they even have no idea about the appropriate ways to solve their real estate problems.


The article Al-Huda for real estate investment in Turkey discusses with you today this dilemma that leads some to fear the step of taking to own a property in Turkey, which makes them flounder in waves of tension and attraction regarding their investment dreams just because they heard of previous failed experiences, the owners of which may not have been fully aware or vigilant of their order to avoid them.


What are the problems that a foreign investor may face in real estate in Turkey


The nature of the problems varies and branches out from them, what are simple problems and what are complex, and the following are explained to you by Al-Huda company, both according to their scope:

         Legal problems

It concerns all legal transactions that accompany the buyer during the ownership, mainly related to papers, documents, signatures, bonds, etc.

         Administrative problems

The administrative problems of ownership in Turkey are related to the official departments that oversee the purchase process, such as the title deed Directorate, the Tax Directorate, notary offices, and others ..

Problems with ownership

These are the problems associated with the negotiation process with the seller or the construction company and the resulting misunderstanding or digestion of rights and others..


Circumvention problems

These are all problems related to fraud and fraud by people or intermediaries who have nothing to do with real estate in Turkey.

 Problems with the contract or the title deed

Problems caused by errors during the registration of ownership of the property may be committed by the buyer or seller and sometimes by the land registry directorates inadvertently or due to errors in the translation of the name, surname and other information recorded in the title deed document.

The problems of the title deed are also related to the late issuance of the title deed, or the presence of a mortgage on it and others..


Problems with booking

During the purchase of a property, a foreigner may encounter problems during the process of booking the property and making a deposit, and here there may be a misunderstanding in the reservation agreement, for example, the seller fails to sell or the buyer fails to buy to get problems related to the return of the deposit and others..


Problems with payment

The process of paying the value of the property is sensitive, because it should be clear from the very beginning, but there are people who get into problems related to payment, whether in the value of the agreed amount or its value for hard currency during the date of the agreement, misunderstandings about payment methods and others..

 Problems with premiums

To buy a property in installments is also different problems if the payment process is not agreed upon in an official paper with a clear plan, sometimes the customer is late for payment without knowing that there are financial penalties that he must pay or pay installments at lower values and from him legal disputes begin between the parties to the ownership.


Problems with cancellation of sale

Circumstances may force one of the parties to the process of owning a property to reverse its decision after booking or after making the first payment for the value of the property and others.. Here, the First party may claim damages from the waiving party, and the dispute begins.


Problems in property management

Many foreigners trust people and companies to manage their real estate properties in Turkey, but they are not as honest, so they neglect the property or use it for other purposes or default on paying bills, returns, etc., so a customer living outside Turkey faces a number of problems when visiting his property.


Problems with leasing

Investors who have bought real estate for the purpose of investing in it face problems related to leasing if the process is not done properly, and here The Foreigner enters into a conflict with the lessor of the house, ending up in the courts in some cases..

Problems with resale

The process of reselling a foreigner's real estate is sometimes hampered by special problems with the agreement, money transfer, payment method, or promoted advertising, etc.and here a foreigner finds himself in Turkey without knowing where to turn to solve these and other problems..

What do you need to solve real estate problems in Turkey


As much as the Turkish state has put a lot of facilities for a foreigner wishing to own real estate in Turkey, as much as this does not mean that if a foreigner neglects his keenness to own from the right parties in the right way, he will be safe from falling into real estate problems.


So Al-Huda real estate investment in Turkey offers you a set of tips that you can benefit from first to avoid problems and secondly to solve them if there are any:

Careful consultation before taking the step of ownership from the specialists

No matter what the circumstances, you can't own property in Turkey without the help of real estate specialists and also a specialized lawyer.

In case you get into real estate problems, apply to a specialized legal services office to solve them, and do not trust any party who deludes you that he will solve the matter for you without the need for the law.


Finally, make sure that each problem has a solution, only it depends on the facility that handles your file, for example, Al-Huda real estate investment company, headed by lawyer aonallah aonallah, specializing in real estate affairs, accompanied by a group of Turkish lawyers, was able to solve most of the outstanding issues for foreign investors in Turkey, in addition to the fact that ownership through his company Al-Huda always Smoothly and flexibly away from any complications and problems.