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2019 a remarkable year for tourism in Turkey

ارتفاع عدد السياح الوافدين إلى تركيا 24% خلال ابريل 2019

Tourism has always been an essential source of income for Turkey, and that’s because of its capturing nature, its richness with outstanding historical monuments and the facilities that the #turkish_government makes sure to develop all the time by the numerous infrastructural projects that have been completed so far.

All of these have participated in increasing the tourist's number by 24% during the month of April 2019, as the Minister of Tourism and Culture “MEHMET NURI ERSOY” has stated, especially the German tourists as they made 48% of the total number of the tourists who have visited Turkey recently.

ERSOY has also cleared that the Russian tourists came second and the British third after the German tourists according to the #Minister_of_tourism_and_culture_in_turkey .

The ministry has also announced that by the end of December 2018 the number of the tourists has reached 46 million.

What also worth mentioning in the same matter the fact that tourists don’t come to Turkey just to enjoy their vacations and visit the #beautiful_touristic_places_in_turkey but also to get treatment in it as the sector of #medical_tourism in the country has remarkably developed in the past few years.

That is in addition to the foreign investors who are interested in the market of #real_estate_in_turkey and want to #buy_apartments_in_istanbul or in other Turkish cities.