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39 billion dollars the amount of agriculture returns in Turkey this year

39 مليار دولار عائدات تركيا من المنتجات الزراعية سنويا

The Minister of Agriculture in Turkey “Bekir PAKDEMİRLİ” has stated that his country’s returns of agriculture have increased in the last 16 years from 6 billion dollars to more than 38 billion dollars a year.

This came within a statement that was published by the Ministery of Agriculture in Turkey. This statement has cleared the fact that Turkey is at the lead position between the world’s countries in exporting four agricultural products which are: Hazelnut, cherry, figs and apricot.

The Minister has mentioned in the same statement that Turkey has made more than 2 billion dollars just from these four products’ returns, and that his country is considered of the lead countries in the world when it comes to agricultural production which in turn reflected positively on the exporting returns.

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This remarkable attendance by foreign investors to this type of investment in Turkey is due to the huge development movement which has started in the country since the early 2000s, which made Turkey a strong competitor for big countries like the United states.

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