5 Excellent Advantages to Buy Property in Bursa

5 Excellent Advantages to Buy Property in Bursa

 شقق للبيع في بورصا التركية

After Istanbul has been on the throne of real estate investment in Turkey for years, the recent period has witnessed the rise of new cities to competing centers in the real estate market in Turkey, including the city of Bursa, the jewel city as it was called due to its rich and distinctive real estate in the heart of the picturesque nature made it a destination for many foreign investors, especially Arabs.


The city of Bursa has a special charm, which made it a first destination for thousands of tourists annually, who come from all parts of the earth to enjoy its wonderful scenery and quiet life in its streets crowded with smiling faces, high mountains and historical cities surrounded by green spaces.


The history of Bursa extends to the past years, as it is considered one of the busiest cities in addition to its attractive charm, which turned it into an appropriate destination for buying property in Turkey for foreigners in particular from the Arab Gulf countries who found it in a different environment from the desert environment due to its distinguished location in the northwest Turkey and its position in the south of the Sea of ​​Marmara.


The reasons for heading towards Bursa go beyond natural beauty to being one of the most suitable cities for living, as it enjoys mild weather and contains many tourist attractions with a low cost lifestyle and its availability of many diverse job opportunities.


What will the foreigner earn from buying property in Bursa, Turkey?


Real estate investment in Turkey is generally distinguished, but what if it is in a city like Bursa that contains the best conditions of life, where we find many people and foregin investors are searching for property in Bursa of all kinds like, apartments for sale in Bursa or villas for sale in Bursa.


This request did not come from nothing, as the process of real estate investment in Bursa is considered one of the most successful steps for several reasons including the following:

  • Bursa is one of the most encouraging Turkish cities for real estate investment and tourism due to its proximity to the commercial capital Istanbul, where it can be reached through ship trips.
  • The prices of commodities of various materials and the prices of property in Bursa have decreased significantly compared to the rest of the Turkish cities, resulting in a large movement towards purchasing apartments and villas in Bursa.
  • Bursa is distinguished by the prominent activity of timber trade, as it is the largest producing city in this sector in Turkey.
  • The diversity of work and trade opportunities in Bursa has turned it into a business center, which has pushed many foreigners and Turks to think about buying a property in it.
  • Bursa contains many tourist places that turned it into a favorite destination for visitors throughout the year.

The most important tourist destinations in Bursa


Bursa contains a big number of tourist areas, landmarks and scenery that have made it a city that does not sleep all year round as it is filled with visitors who come from all countries, and among its most important features we find:


Uludag Mountain

One of the most magnificent mountains in the world and the most important tourist areas in Bursa and Turkey in general, as it reaches a height of 2500 meters, which made its peaks a destination for tourists, especially in the winter to practice skiing and cable car rides, which attracts many climbing enthusiasts.


Madiakon Monastery

One of the most important pieces of archaeological architecture in Bursa, where its construction dates back to the Byzantine civilization, with an architecture of the utmost accuracy and ingenuity that stands out as one of the most beautiful cultures of the past that amazed the thousands of visitors who come from all sides specifically for wandering in its distinctive galleries.


Saitabat Falls

Between the greenery of the virgin nature and the lush trees in the north and the splendor of the Uludag Mountains in the south, the charming Saitabat waterfall flows, attracting thousands of tourists, whether Turkish or foreign.


Ayvaini Cave

It is considered the second largest cave in Turkey and one of the oldest, and its beauty does not stop at just the historical side, but it includes a breathtaking river runs inside it, making it one of the most important  tourist attractions in Bursa, so it is not possible to visit this city without passing through it.

These were some of the tourist attractions and fortunes that the green city of Bursa hoarded, one of the most important destinations for buying property in Turkey during the last 3 years, by foreigners who found unparalleled magic and features compatible with the taste of lovers of calm, comfort and luxury at the same time, where it is difficult They have to find the same in other parts of the world.