57 million tourists will visit Turkey before the end of 2020 and these are their nationalities

57 million tourists will visit Turkey before the end of 2020 and these are their nationalities

 57 مليون سائح سيزورون تركيا قبل نهاية 2020 وهذه جنسياتهم


Tourism in Turkey competes with all other economic sectors in the number of revenues generated, as it is expected that the number of visitors to Turkey by the end of the current year will reach 57 million tourists, registering an increase of 6 million tourists compared to the same period last year, which was then estimated at 51.7 million tourists with revenues amounting to $ 34.5 billion

How will tourism in Turkey reach the threshold of 60 million tourists?

Several factors play effective roles in nurturing tourism activity in Turkey. In addition to the country’s strategic location, stunning scenery and strong infrastructure, it has other factors and indications that the current year will be more achievable and double the incomes:

·         The numbers of early reservations received by various hotels and transportation, "aviation and maritime ships" suggest that the numbers of tourists will be doubled by the end of the season.

·         Turkey has turned into an alternative stop for cruise ships from Europe to China due to the latter's suffering from the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

·         About 344 cruise ships docked on Turkish coasts in 2019 compared to 247 ships during 2018, as the port of Kusadasi in the state of Aydin in western alone hosted 197 vessels for one cruise ship docked at Yalova port in northwestern Turkey.

·         A remarkable rise in the turnout in the cities of Antalya and Istanbul, where they achieved positive numbers, the rest of the Turkish tourist destinations will witness similar growth.

·         30% growth in conference tourism.

·         Major developments in the country's tourism facilities

·         Significant support for the tourism sector by the government during the past two years.

·         The experience of those responsible for the tourism sector in Turkey

·         Those in charge of the tourism sector in Turkey benefit from global experiences thanks to attending major international tourism exhibitions in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, pending the presence of other exhibitions in Germany, Russia, Ukraine and Dubai during the next few days.

These are the nationalities of the tourists who will visit Turkey during 2020

According to the head of the Turkish Hotels Federation, all forecasts indicate a significant increase in the coming months in the number of tourists coming from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany and Russia.

Speaking to Turkish media, he said that the number of tourists coming from the Netherlands in 2019 increased by 12%, a percentage expected to reach a greater increase this year based on the positive results achieved during the International Tourism Exhibition in Utrecht.

On their part, the Germans will visit and have made early bookings significantly compared to last year, which confirms that their demand for Turkey this year will witness great growth.

As for Russia, although the sales period is mostly in April, the figures seem to be in a positive direction, given the number of arrivals to Turkey during the winter season.

Regarding the Chinese tourists, the President of the Turkish Hotels Association spoke about the impact of the new Corona virus outbreak on the tourism sector in the country, where he said that the number of Chinese tourists will witness a decrease in both Istanbul and Cappadocia, but the alternative market will compensate for their numbers, and this reduces the negative impact of the virus on tourism in Turkey.

It is expected that Arab tourists will contribute to generating high profits for Turkish tourism during the coming season, as they are the most spending tourists in Turkey, according to the latest statistics, due to their consumption habits.

In recent years, Turkey has become the first destination for Arabs, whether from the Middle East, the Gulf or the Maghreb, to be called "the most loyal" tourists compared to the rest of the foreign tourists.