7 Main Stages of The Turkish Citizenship Application

7 Main Stages of The Turkish Citizenship Application

تعرف على مراحل الجنسية التركية في 7 خطوات

Foreigners have the opportunity to get Turkish citizenship by buying property with only  250 thousand dollars. 

The stages of Turkish citizenship are divided into seven basic steps. Citizenship files in Turkey go through several stages before obtaining it, and Turkish law does not specify a specific period between applying for citizenship and receiving it.

In today's article, we will discuss the stages that a foreigner who wants to obtain Turkish citizenship goes through in detail. The vision becomes clear for every person who possesses the property for this purpose.

Table of Content

  • 1- Certified copies and translations
  • 2- Procurement procedures and the signing of the Tapu.     
  • 3- Preparing the conformity form.    
  • 4- Evaluating the price of the property with an approved institution.   
  •  5- Issuance of real estate residency.  
  • 6- Receiving the decision to grant Turkish citizenship.   
  •  7- Handing over the Turkish passport .  

    Stages of Turkish citizenship

    Alhuda Real Estate  provides a Turkish citizenship application service, as it helps the customer to own ownership and all procedures until receiving the Turkish passport.

    Below we will convey to you the most important steps that you will go through if you choose Alhuda as a way to obtain Turkish citizenship by owning a property.

    Here are the stages of Turkish citizenship in detail:

    1- Certified copies and translations

    Once you intend to obtain Turkish citizenship, Alhuda Real Estate will provide you with everything related to the procedures:

    • Extracting documents
    • Translate the necessary documents
    • Authentication of the documents required by the notary public or known as “Noter” in Turkey.
    • We help you to obtain your tax number 
    • Open a bank account in Turkey
    • Send the translated and certified documents to the competent authorities on your behalf.

    At this stage,  you will not find difficulties concerning the Turkish language. Our team of experts takes care of extracting all the necessary documents and papers. Also, they will translate everything complicated for you to understand during the translation and certification procedures.

    We have a professional team to translate from Turkish into all foreign languages, especially English, French, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu and Russian. 

    2- Procurement procedures and the signing of the Tapu

    We will help you to own a Turkish property as we guarantee the following:

    • We provide real estate consultancy to help you define your purchase goals in line with your budget.
    • We direct you to the best types of real estate and suitable areas for investment and to obtain Turkish citizenship at the same time.
    • We accompany you on real estate tours for all the projects that you like.
    • We choose the best property with you.
    • We take care of all the procedures for preparing the purchase contract
    • We closely review the terms and conditions of the purchase contract with you
    • We help you transfer money and pay the first amount of ownership.
    • We help you with all procedures for obtaining the complete title deed "Tabu" until the signing stage.

    3- Preparing the conformity form

    Alhuda Real Estate Investment in Turkey provides its valued customers with the service of preparing the conformity form. 

    This form confirms the conformity of the property that the investor purchased with the criteria for obtaining Turkish citizenship in two respects:

    • The first price is $ 250,000
    • Paying the property value in full or paying all installments

    Alhuda Real Estate helps the foreign investor to prepare and fill out the form in order to submit it with the Turkish citizenship application file.

    4- Evaluating the price of the property with an approved institution

    The buyer cannot obtain Turkish citizenship unless the real estate appraisal document is submitted. You must prove that the property price at the time of purchase is equivalent to 250 thousand US dollars according to the exchange rate.

    This document has a validity period of three months. The foreign investor must renew the valuation, given that real estate prices in Turkey and the investment value rise periodically.

    However, the applicant for Turkish citizenship must present a document proving that the property's purchase price matches the amount required in the naturalization law.

    In Turkey, companies approved by the Turkish state are the only ones authorized to evaluate or evaluate the property's price, and any document issued by real estate brokerage companies or construction companies is not accepted.

    Alhuda Real Estate Investment in Turkey takes care of all procedures for evaluating the property's price through certified companies. They issue an official document to assess the property destined for Turkish citizenship.

    5- Issuance of real estate residency

    Once the file of Turkish citizenship is submitted, the Alhuda team is also responsible for providing all the papers and documents necessary for the issuance of real estate residency for the property owner and his family members.

    The real estate residence permit helps in the legal residence of the investor and his family members until Turkish citizenship is issued.

    On the other hand, real estate residence helps children of the investor over 18 years to reside comfortably in Turkey, preventing them from obtaining Turkish citizenship underage.

    The real estate residence has several advantages, most notably:


    • Travel to and from Turkey without the need for a visa
    • It is automatically renewed annually as long as the owner does not sell the property.


    6- Receiving the decision to grant Turkish citizenship

    Our team of real estate lawyers follows all stages of Turkish citizenship until the decision to grant Turkish citizenship is issued.

    Our lawyers undertake to go to the relevant departments to receive the decision to grant Turkish citizenship and review it legally.

    The decision to grant Turkish citizenship is considered the most critical stage in Turkish citizenship. It officially confirms the foreign investor's acquisition of Turkish nationality, which paves the way for him to carry the Turkish identity and the Turkish passport.

    7- Handing over the Turkish passport

    Immediately after the issuance of the decision to obtain Turkish citizenship, the lawyer of Alhuda Real Estate Investment in Turkey continues the rest of the legal and administrative procedures that follow the grant decision.

    The lawyer prepares the file to receive the Turkish passport for the investor and his family members (wife and children under 18 years) to the concerned departments.

    The Turkish passport is prepared in a short envelope, and immediately when ready, Alhuda's lawyer will collect it.

    Finally, the procedures for owning, applying for Turkish citizenship and receiving a Turkish passport do not exceed two months.

    Turkish citizenship link to track all stages available by the General Directorate of Souls and Citizenship in Turkey.

    If you want to be one of our valued customers, contact us through our website Alhuda Real Estate.