How to achieve high investment returns while buying apartments for sale in Turkey?

7 things you must know about the Sisli region in Istanbul?

7 معلومات لابد أن تعرفها عن منطقة شيشلي في اسطنبول ؟

While Sisli is also considered to be one of the most prestigious districts in Istanbul, there is much more to it than just 5-star hotels and shopping malls. 

You can find amazing museums, churches and mosques all over this opulent district for a glimpse of Turkish culture. Going to Sişli is a true experience of contemporary Turkish life. Read the following list of 7 things to do and see in Sişli to kick off your Sişli adventure.

Sisli is a mixture of tradition and modernity

   Historical of the Sisli district in Istanbul

The Şişli borough is located in the Şişli district, located between the Sarıyer district in the north, the Beşiktaş district in the east, the Eyüp and Kağıthane districts in the west and the Beyoğlu district in the south.

Full of farming fields and vineyards the area had very little settlement until the mid 19th century. The trading middle-class Levantines, Jews, Greeks, Armenians and also Turks who lost their houses in the 1870 fire of Beyoğlu moved to the area and built homes with an European look: big stone buildings with high ceilings and art nouveau wrought-iron balconies.

Today, Sisli's face has completely changed and its name is associated with high-rise properties, tall towers, modern villas and homes designed with the best engineering designs, as well as politicians, artists, business leaders and famous personalities who chose Sisli without other Istanbul neighborhoods to live and settle, as Sisli's name is not absent from the offers of Istanbul apartments for sale or apartments. For sale in Istanbul or real estate in Turkey in general.

The population of sişli has increased to about 400,000, according to 2018 statistics.

A visitor to Sisli will also find that it is distinguished by its three religious buildings, mosques for Muslims, Christian churches and synagogues for Jews in a picture that reflects the coexistence and great tolerance of the population who live in it.

   7 informations about Sisli in Istanbul

Sisli, which covers an area of ​​35 km, is located on the European side of Istanbul. It is bordered on the east by Besiktas, on the north by Sarayer, and on the west by Eyup and Kaythane, while to the south it borders the Beyoglu district, which includes the famous Taksim Square and Independence Square.

Sisli is an archaeological area, its history as a residential area dates back to the end of the nineteenth century, as during this period it was one of the first neighborhoods to be provided with electricity, natural gas and tramway services in Istanbul.

The region took on an urban boom with the beginning of the founding of the Turkish Republic, where more buildings were constructed with a distinctive architectural style, with the spread of various markets and shops at that time, so Sisli became an important area in Istanbul with theaters, cafes and cultural facilities.

Today, Sisli is a vital center for trade and shopping, where the most important commercial buildings and international hotels are located, in addition to the largest shopping centers in Turkey such as Istanbul Cevahir Mall.

Sisli includes the most important schools, universities, and training and educational courses centers, as it is a destination for students from all neighborhoods of Istanbul.

Among the most prominent features of this ancient region are its tourist attractions, as museums are spread in it, "the Istanbul Military Museum, Ataturk Museum," and artistic buildings, "concert hall, open-air theater", and archaeological mosques and churches are also located in Sisli, "Sisli Mosque, a thrilling mosque," Cathedral of the Holy Spirit. "

Real estate prices in Istanbul, Sisli, are among the highest prices for buying apartments for sale in Turkey, given that it is an upscale area inhabited by the rich and famous, businessmen and merchants.

    Advantages of real estate investment in Sisli, Istanbul

According to experts in the real estate market, buying a property in Istanbul, Sisli, is one of the best options ever, according to the experts in the real estate market. Owning for the purpose of housing guarantees you a unique life among the most famous and largest of Turkey's richest people, but if your goal is to invest, you are in the right place exactly where the monthly returns for rental housing in Sisli are It is the most expensive in Istanbul, while ensuring a steady rise in rental properties, whether residential or commercial.

Among the advantages of real estate ownership in Sisli:

The strategic geographical location of Sisli, which is only 2 km away from the famous Taksim Square, and being like the aforementioned is located near the European exit of the Bosphorus Bridge, which gives part of its properties a wonderful view.

Sisli is a commercial, tourist and residential center at the same time in the center of the famous Mecidiyekoy Square, which is very popular with annual visitors.

A strong transportation network that varies between the fastest way to transport the metrobus and metro and many bus lines that connect it to all regions of Istanbul in addition to the availability of taxis at all times.

Sisli contains many facilities and archaeological attractions such as the Military Museum, Ataturk House, Sisli Antique Mosque and the old cemetery.

Sisli is a commercial pole par excellence, as it includes the largest shopping centers in Istanbul and the most famous in the world, similar to the Cevahir Mall, which raised the value of apartments in Istanbul for sale.

The presence of many high-end restaurants and cafes, but the best in Istanbul, in addition to a series of luxury hotels with excellent international classification.

Many recreational facilities such as parks, Ali Sami football stadium, cinemas, theaters, and halls for local and international exhibitions.

Several university colleges and national and international educational schools.

Advanced health centers and governmental and private hospitals.

Many high-end residential projects with high prices, especially residential complexes, due to the importance of the place and its charming views.


The project is located in the area of ​​one of the most important places in the city of Sisli, and only 5 minutes from the famous Taksim Square, and 10 minutes from the Mecidiyekoy area, where there is a metro line and another metrobus line, the fastest way of transportation in Istanbul.

The project is 10 minutes away from Nisantasi, which is the most prestigious area in the city, and 15 minutes from the July 15 Bridge.

The project is close to Cevahir Mall, the first Arab shopping center in Istanbul, and also Trump Towers and Profilo Shopping Center.

The project is surrounded by several important hospitals such as Florence 19 and Sisli Medical Research and Training Center.

The project area has many educational institutions, universities, and centers for learning the Turkish language and foreign languages ​​for newcomers.

The project consists of 599 apartments of 1 + 1, 1 + 2, 1 + 3, 1 + 3.5 and 4.5 + 1 types, all in one residential block of 39 floors, on an area of ​​18,0000 square meters.

The project has many services and facilities, namely:



External garage

Indoor garage

Sports center

Sports center

Turkish bath

Massage room


reception hall

Waiting lounge

Valet parking service

Basketball Stadium

Tennis Court

Indoor swimming pool

Outdoor swimming pool

Green area

City view

View of the Bosphorus

Sea View

Terrace for recreation

A special path for walking


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