Important questions about real estate only Al Huda company will answer

Important questions about real estate only Al Huda company will answer

أسئلة مهمّة عن العقار لن تجيبك عليهم إلاّ الهدى


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Certainly, as you watch YouTube videos or browse social networking sites, these ads appear to you on a daily basis inviting you to invest in real estate in Turkey!

Advertisements that prompted you to actually visit Turkey, I was impressed by its beauty, its facilities, its services and its construction and decided to live in it!

But you do not know anything about the property? Don't know the meaning of investing? When will it be successful? What do you have to do?

Al-Huda company for Real Estate Investment will answer your questions in this article, you ask all the questions that come to your mind and answer all inquiries and will not leave any ambiguity in your mind.

The following are more than twenty questions attached with professional answers from real estate experts at Al Huda Real Estate Company:

Are foreigners entitled to own properties in Turkey?

Of course, foreigners can easily own a property in Turkey, as long as the countries of origin belong to the nationalities that have mutual rights with Turkey, and here Turkey froze diplomatic relations with three North Korea, Armenia and Syria countries, the latter of which is required of its citizens to open a company registered in their name in order to Ownership.

With the new procedures for renewing residency in Turkey, can I get it once I own a property?

The property that you bought authorizes you to obtain a residence permit with your family for a period of one year, easily renewable, since you own the title deed or the title deed of your apartment or any other type of property.

Is a residence permit a condition if I want to buy a property?

Your intention to purchase a property does not obligate you to obtain a residence permit, but you need residence after owning the property in order to use it later with ease.

Can I buy a property without visiting Turkey?

This option is available, and the customer can buy a property in Turkey without coming, which is guaranteed by Al-Huda Real Estate Company, as it has made all the transactions of buying one of its customers from Kuwait until he received the keys to the apartment in the Esenyurt region.

Can a family member receive the title deed instead of the buyer?

Of course, the law authorizes the buyer to sign a personal agency that is requested by the Turkish embassy in the country in which they reside outside Turkey and here he can receive the bond instead of the buyer.

Are there prohibited aspects while buying a property in Turkey?

The Turkish authorities require the foreigner who owns in their country not to buy real estate located in military areas or with security installations, as well as in historical areas, forests and primary agricultural lands.

Is there a certain number of properties that I can buy in Turkey?

No, you can own any number of properties in Turkey, as they are not limited to a certain number.

Can foreign real estate companies own properties in Turkey?

Of course, foreign real estate companies can own in Turkey, provided that the country of origin has a mutual agreement with Turkey.

How to determine the property price and who is charged with it?

The prices of modern residential complexes, apartments or used homes during the real estate evaluation process are determined by experts licensed by the Turkish state, as it gives the real value of prices compared to similar properties in the market, i.e. ensuring that prices are not inflated.

What is the importance of the real estate agent in buying a property in Turkey?

One of the basic steps to buying a property in Turkey is to communicate with a licensed and expert real estate company in the area of buying and selling the property to ensure that you are provided with all information regarding the purchase process and sale options available in the Turkish real estate market, which are services provided by Al Huda company to its clients, where they accompany them with a team of experts from the stage of consulting to the purpose of obtaining the title deed.

Is buying a property in the early stages of construction a correct choice?

One of the most desirable options is to buy a property in the early stages of its construction, as you will benefit from a regular increase in selling prices from the beginning of the project to the end of the project.

Can I check and preview the real estate project first?

These are among the necessary steps that the Al Huda Real Estate Company in Turkey insists on guaranteeing to the client before installing with him about any real estate option. Visiting the apartment offered for sale or under construction within a residential complex, a commercial store or a plot of land is one of the basics of buying a property in Istanbul and Turkey in general.

Except for the costs of buying the property, are there additional costs?

There are additional costs related to the title deed fees.

What is the meaning of the tapu?

The tapu is a Turkish word meaning the title to the full ownership of the property and it is a legal document proving the individual's final ownership of the property in Turkey that contains the name of the property owner, his photograph and all other information stamped with a stamp to be registered in the Real Estate Registration Department.

How long will it take to obtain the title deed?

The process of obtaining a title deed does not take a long period of time, ranging from three days to one week at the latest.

How about real estate insurance in Turkey?

When you own the property, you can insure it through trusted insurance companies, which is what Al Huda Real Estate company assists you in, as we believe that the relationship that binds us to the customer does not stop at the mere purchase of a property.

Is it possible to provide post-purchase services, especially in terms of furnishing the apartment, for example?

Because Al Huda is a company that provides after-sales services to the customer, the home furnishing process is included in our services package as we direct you to the best designers of decor and furnishing, which guarantees you a wonderful apartment with impressive furniture.

Can the property I buy be inherited in the future?

Of course, here the buyer has to pre-determine his choice, either using legal assistance to make adjustments to the title deed. In case something happens to the landlord, meaning the real owner, his real estate properties are automatically returned to his wife and children.

If I decide to sell my property, can I return my money to my home country?

There is no objection to taking your money to your country of origin except that you will be obligated to pay the capital gains fee if you sold the property 5 years before you own it.

Is the property subject to annual taxes?

Yes, but it is very limited annual taxes.

With regard to local taxes, is there?

Yes, you are also obligated to pay municipal taxes twice a year, but they are very small compared to other developed countries.

Can I invest in the property by renting it?

When you own the property, make sure that you will be the one who stops it, and in case it is not used, rent it out as a good idea to guarantee profitable returns through it. Al Huda Real Estate company encourages you and guarantees you to provide assistance to rent it.

I heard a lot about housing, what does it mean?

Housing is a document granted by the local authorities that proves that the property has fulfilled all its requirements and obtained all the necessary official approvals in order to use it for residential purposes. This document is requested for records of gas, electricity, water and other bills.

Do I have to learn the local language to live in Turkey?

Turkish authorities do not obligate property buyers to learn the language because it is a completely personal matter related to the investor, and in general you can use more than one language in dealing such as English, German, Russian and Arabic that the Turks have understood in recent years as you will find it strongly present in most of the outstanding services and banners.

Is it possible to integrate into Turkish society easily?

The culture of Turkish society comes close to the culture of the Arab community if you are an Arab investor, but if you are not, then Turkey’s openness to all cultures and peoples of the world makes you live in it while you are more comfortable and this is explained by the growing number of property owners from Germany, Russia and the West in general.

Are health services in Turkey developed?

Turkey has become a pioneer in the health field in the world and a kiss for many foreigners who specially come to conduct surgical operations for medication or cosmetic operations through governmental and private hospitals with a good reputation.

These were the most prominent questions that Al Huda Real Estate company receives from clients periodically, but this does not mean that we answered all of them and here we provide chat service on the website for any question that comes to your mind regarding the purchase of properties in Turkey or apartments for sale in Istanbul or any of the aspects the other one if you choose Turkey to live and invest.