A 1200m mosaic portrait’s put for show in Hatay Turkey | Al Huda

A 1200m mosaic portrait’s put for show in Hatay Turkey

لوحة فسيفساء حجرية بحجم 1200م تعرض في هاتاي التركية

A 1300 years old mosaic portrait has been put for show in Hatay province in Turkey.

The head chief of Hatay archeology museum “Nalan Yasti” has stated that the portrait will be showed very soon for visitors in its original location.

Yasti has also said that this portrait’s origin goes back to the 6th century and it extends on a 1200m space area and is consisting of geometric, human and animal forms.

She also added about the mosaic portraits conicity the fact that it has gained some curves because of an earthquake which has hit the area where the portrait was between the years 526-528 AD, but despite this earthquake and the curves it has managed to survive and remain throughout the years and until this day.

It also worth mentioning that the mentioned mosaic portrait was discovered during the construction work for a new hotel in the area.

And after they’ve found it the archeologists made sure to clean and move the portrait very carefully without damaging it, where the extraction process of it lasted for almost 9 years of hard work and concentrated efforts.

In the same site there were other antiques and historical treasures found as well.

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