Genius plan for real estate investment in Turkey you need to Try

A genius plan for real estate investment in Turkey you need to Try

real estate investment in Turkey

The investment is not just an overwhelming desire and a high financial budget, it is also a sharp intelligence in choosing the shortest and fastest way to gain profits, but how?

If you intend to achieve high financial returns  through real estate investment, we advise you to head to Turkey, especially for this destination, which contains the largest number of promising housing projects, but if you are seeking to have brilliant investment ideas , read this article.

The types of properties with investment returns in Istanbul vary from apartments to villas to commercial offices, but among the successful plans for foreign investors in particular, is to buy a furnished apartment and rent it according to a deliberate plan that focuses on specific strengths that increase the expected profit rate.and furnished apartments in Istanbul includes every apartment that is equipped with integrated home furniture and has the equipment for a good lifestyle so that the person moving to live in it is not in need of any furnishing requirements such as sofas, beds, tanks, kitchen equipment and others.

The contract between the owner of the furnished apartment and the tenant provides the latter the right to benefit from the furniture and fixtures, with a commitment to preserve, protect and repair them in the event of causing any damage.

The trend towards renting furnished apartments in Istanbul is a very important investment option, given that the city is a tourist destination with distinction, which makes the profits double during the year especially in the holiday seasons, as the demand for independent apartments is higher than for hotels.

How to buy the furnished apartment that is suitable for rental?

● Location: Focus well on the location during the process of buying a furnished apartment for the purpose of leasing, as it should be near tourist, commercial, archeological and service places in order to be more wanted for rent.

● Transportation network: The proximity to all types of transportation is the biggest positive point that increases demands to rent your apartment.

● Area: The area of the apartment must be chosen according to the target groups that you want to give them the rental offers on your apartment, where spacious apartments are often very popular with families and tourists in general.

● The view: the more the view is attractive, the more demand will come for renting your apartment, so be sure to choose a good view like open spaces or gardens or forests etc.

● Building standards: Make sure that the furnished apartment that you buy is subject to all specifications of modern, attractive and that it meets the standards of security, luxury and quality, which makes the tenant more comfortable.

● Decoration: Make the decoration of your apartment, furniture and kitchen of high quality, as a good interior design  would definitely  increase the percentage of your profits.

● Services: Provide as much as possible additional services in your apartment such as the Internet or a specific decoration for children's and grooms rooms, as these upgrades increase the financial value of the rental.

● Marketing: Draw an attractive marketing plan for your furnished apartment in order to attract the best types of renters and the most able to pay.

Types of furnished apartments

The options of renting furnished apartments vary according to demand and are divided into:

● Tourist apartments, which are considered the most rented in Istanbul, where the demand for them increases year after year by those looking for  relaxation, independence and wide area in order to stay for a certain period that varies from days to a month or more according to the purpose of the lease, which is sometimes for spending a vacation or for medical tourism or work or honeymoon, etc.

● Student apartments are the second most requested furnished apartment in Istanbul due to the record growth of the number of foreign students in Turkey during recent years who usually need a special and furnished student housing, and this type is very suitable for long-term rental as the owner of the apartment does not need to search for a new tenant every-time .

● The hotel apartments, which are witnessing a great turnout by those wishing to make short stays in Turkey for the purpose of attending conferences, forums or medical examinations, etc... They provide the hotel service, which makes the lessor benefit from some daily services without the trouble of doing it on his own.

● Furnished villas that give the landlord maximum comfort and independence and well suited to large families wishing to spend a distinctive tourist holiday, and this type of rental achieves high profitable returns provided if the owner used a smart and striking marketing plan.

● The furnished offices, which have increased in demand, especially in Istanbul, due to the growing number of people coming to open companies, institutions, agencies, associations ... and others.

"Profitable investment starts with a smart move, implement it and get guaranteed results"