A Guide to Istanbul Bazaars

Bazaars in Istanbul...a persistent Folklore

الدليل الشامل حول بازارات تركيا

Despite the urban revolution that the Turkish city of Istanbul has witnessed, it still maintains many of its historical and popular landmarks.

Its inhabitants are also keen on preserving some of their customs, which date back to the Ottoman era.


Among the most important of these customs are the bazaars, which are local markets where different types of goods are sold, such as vegetables, food, clothes, and household items, at low prices that suit all classes of society. And when you go on a tourist tour in Istanbul, you must find one of these bazaars in one of its alleys. So, let's get to know it closely.

All you need to know about Istanbul bazaars

Usually,  Istanbul bazaars are held on a specific day of the week that varies according to the region, where residents and tourists are allowed to visit and shop in tents set up to display products.

The bazaar is usually named by the day when it is held, for example, Friday Bazaar or Wednesday Bazaar, and the visitor to the bazaar finds many Turkish sellers and also even foreign who offer foreign products to customers who flock strongly to the bazaars, especially foreigners living in Istanbul.

in Istanbul bazaars, many products that vary between foodstuffs, simple electrical appliances, and all kitchen utensils, in addition to spaces for vegetables, fruits, nuts, cheeses, fish, textiles, antiques, perfumes, rare pieces of decoration, accessories, and other needs that are in great demand can be found

Many Turks and foreigners residing in Turkey, or even tourists, take advantage of the products offered by the bazaar at cheap prices due to the great competition between the sellers to buy the supplies for the week or souvenirs for their friends and families.


The full Guide of Istanbul Bazaars


Every week, more than 500 bazaars are held in Istanbul, the most important of which:

  • Findikzade Bazaar

The Findikzade Bazaar is held every Friday from nine in the morning until eight in the evening, and it is intended by a large number of visitors, as it is close to the tramway stations and Aksaray metro, one of the most important vital areas in Istanbul.

The Findikzade Bazaar is one of the most famous bazaars in European Istanbul, attracting visitors from everywhere, even tourists who only came for tourism in Turkey for a short period.

The Findikzade Bazaar offers many products such as furnishings, clothes, shoes at cheap prices, carvings, decorations, utensils, spices, and foods.

  • Besiktas Bazaar

Besiktas Bazar, one of the most famous bazaars in Istanbul, opens its doors to visitors every Saturday from ten in the morning to eight in the evening, and it is known to be attended by important people, such as artists, actors, businessmen, and movie directors who specially attend to purchase heritage and Ottoman accessories to shoot their films.

The prices of products in Besiktas Bazaar, which are various, are distinguished by a decrease of about 60% compared to the prices of other bazaars in Istanbul, which explains the big attendance by the Turks, foreign residents, and tourists to it.

  • Florya Bazaar

The Florya Bazaar, which is held every Wednesday, is distinguished from the rest of the Istanbul bazaars by its vastness, which extends over seven main streets and 17 sub-streets, as well as its archeological importance, as it includes historical heritage alleys, which creates pleasure for the visitor between shopping and tourism.

Florya Bazaar, which includes more than 2500 vendors, lasts from five in the morning until nine in the night, where it displays various types of products from vegetables and fruits to luxury clothing and gifts.

Finally, if you are a foreigner and interested in tourism in Turkey, we advise you to not miss the chance of visiting one of Istanbul Bazaars and enjoy shopping in it.