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A high demand on tourist villas in Antalya .. Here are the reasons

A high demand on tourist villas in Antalya

Just as the Corona pandemic in the world has led to freezing many economic activities and sectors, at the same time it led to another revival, while some areas found themselves within a different pace, ranging from recovery and retreat.

The real estate sector in Turkey is one of the sectors that have proven to be able to withstand and resist, and even achieve significant sales even by changing the strategy to selling online, as the demand for property in Turkey was high.

In addition to the process of buying property in Turkey, the demand for tourist villas has increased dramatically, in the city of Antalya, which is called the summer tourist capital of Turkey.

 In this regard, many large families have made reservations for tourist villas in Antalya for the summer vacation.

And according to what is being reported by the media in Turkey since the beginning of the Coruna pandemic, the demand has increased widely for the reservation of villas in Antalya, whether by the Turks themselves or by foreign tourists in preparation for the start of the next tourist season.

What distinguishes the tourist villas in the Turkish city of Antalya is its availability on a variety of possibilities such as gyms, swimming pools, outdoor and all the facilities that would make tourists spend their vacation in complete pleasure and comfort.


How are the local authorities in Antalya planning to receive crowds of tourists this season?

Antalya is one of the most Turkish cities that foreign tourists visit strongly during the annual holidays, as the number of tourists who received them last year reached 15 million foreign tourists due to its charming beaches, stunning views, elegant services and luxury hotels.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Antalya continues to attract tourists from all over the world, according to the general manager of the susesi luxury resort,Çağlar Bayrakçı who said that the demand for villas in Antalya increased remarkably during this period, especially by Russian tourists.

For her part, Angela Angelika, a real estate consultant, pointed out that the Corona pandemic did not prevent people from expressing their unbridled desire to spend an enjoyable summer vacation in Turkey, but rather created exceptional solutions for that. Enjoying the sun and sea of ​​Antalya in a homely climate in line with the situation imposed by the conditions of Corona, from social divergence and rules of security and safety.

And a real estate consultant in Turkey expected that the requests of tourists to rent tourist villas in Antalya will increase further during the middle of July and the beginning of next August.

It is reported that the Turkish Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Ersoy has previously stated that his country is nearing the end of all preparations for the resumption of domestic tourism on May 28, provided that the return of international flights during the coming month of June will be to receive all the tourists from different countries of the world who have been forced to postpone their tickets due to the pandemic.

In addition, various hotels in Turkey are working to sterilize all its departments and take the necessary measures to gradually return the tourist life to its course, while respecting all the rules of hygiene and spacing imposed by the pandemic.

And came on top of these hotels, hotels in Antalya, the stronghold of high-end tourism services in Turkey, which carried out extensive campaigns for sterilization, starting from the entrances to the residence rooms for customers, corridors, elevators, swimming pools and restaurants, which will be subject to a new system that relies on canceling open buffets and compensating them with integrated healthy foods and applying the spacing between eating tables with separative Glass.