Buying real estate in Turkey

Alhuda for real estate investment, it’s more than just selling property in Turkey

شراء عقارات في تركيا

A Real estate agent for the foreign investor: Here are the keys to your apartment. Congratulations, you are now the new owner of the property!


Often this is the last phrase that combines the real estate agent and the customer after completing the transactions of buying property in Turkey, but is the idea of ​​real estate investing or buying property in Turkey only limited to getting the title deed and carrying the keys!

The answer of some may be yes, but for Alhuda Real Estate Company, it is a definite no. 

As we provide pre-sale services such as real estate consulting, guidance, and field inspections of real estate projects

We also give the investor the opportunity to deal with us even after entering his apartment by providing property management services, or what is also known as after-sales services in Turkey.


What are the after sales services that Alhuda provides?


Alhuda for Real Estate Investment makes sure that the relationship it has with customers is much greater than the process of buying and selling, it is a relationship based on the principle of a friendly investor who must be accompanied indefinitely from the idea of ​​buying a property in his mind through the stage of accompanying him to the project under construction by Turkish construction companies, and therefore Alhuda is known in the real estate market with the strong relationship that binds it to its customers, as this strong bond does not stop after the end of the ownership process of the property by the investors, but rather it continues by managing their properties in order to achieve great profitable returns.

Below we offer you a package of after-sales services that Alhuda provides for foreign investors in Turkey:

  • Ensure smooth transfer of the property to the ownership of the investor and obtain the title deed of the property without problems.
  • Supervising any additions the investor needs in the property from construction or modifications.
  • Real estate cleaning service before moving to it.
  • Assisting the investor in shipping his furniture and necessities while he is moving to Turkey.
  • Obtaining a real estate residence permit in Turkey for the investor and his family members or what is known as family residence.
  • Direct the investor to schools and universities appropriate for his family members.
  • Assisting the investor in purchasing the suitable car in Turkey.
  • Design and selection of décor by professional engineers.
  • Help furnishing the apartment or villa.
  • Help with choosing an apartment or house.
  • Help with opening gas, electricity, water and internet services.
  • Pay the property's monthly dues, whether it is bills or returns.
  • Assist in carrying out various types of property insurance, including earthquake insurance and energy identity documents.
  • Sponsorship of the real estate management service.
  • Helping find reliable tenants for the property.
  • Assistance in periodic maintenance, care, and supervision of the rent payments.
  • Ensure the management of real estate investment in Turkey by monitoring the market in order to alert the investor about promising opportunities to sell his property in a timely manner.

The importance of after-sales services


After-sales services is as important as sales services or even more, as it is one of the biggest guarantees that the real estate company provides to the customer that his real estate investment will be protected by services that accompany him even after getting the ownership of the property in Turkey, which is primarily in maintenance and benefit from achieving profitable returns through marketing again for his property in the event he decided to invest in it.


What increases the importance of accompanying the foreign investor even after the process of buying property in Turkey is that he needs linguistic and legal assistance because of his inability to communicate in the Turkish language and his ignorance of all the legal updates that real estate development companies are aware of and thus sponsors in his stead all the necessary procedures quickly and easily, including transactions of Inheriting the property in case he decides to.


Ramez, a Pakistani investor, telling his story with Alhuda


Ramez says a real estate investor from Pakistan: “My story started with Alhuda Real Estate Company when I received an ad for one of the distinguished residential projects in the Esenyurt region. The counselor with whom I spoke treated me very kindly and explained to me all aspects of the project and really convinced me to travel to Turkey.

I arrived in Turkey, where I was greeted with great elegance at the airport by a Turkish driver accompanied by a Pakistani citizen working for Alhuda Real Estate Company, and they brought me to the hotel that the Alhuda team helped me book in advance.


The next day I went to Alhuda company headquarters, where its team, from the receptionist, to the General Manager welcomed me with appreciation and love, then I went with the "Pakistani" consultant to review the project that I liked on ground.


Purchasing transactions were very easy or to tell the truth, I never felt it’s difficult, because Alhuda Real Estate Company undertook all the procedures until I received the title deed of the property and the key to the apartment.


While I thanked Alhuda team for their high-end services accompanying the process of buying property in Istanbul and decided to bid farewell to them, I heard from them that they also provide after-sales service from assisting in moving to the apartment and ensuring all delivery services, furnishing and decoration, and even investment management.

I welcomed the idea directly, especially since I was worried about this issue because I do not know the Turkish language and I am not familiar with the laws of the country.

Today a whole year passes after selling the property that I bought through Alhuda after its advisors advised me in time to sell it at the price of emptying the value of the real financial assets of it to the double, then I headed to each of the Maslak and the Basin Express area, where I bought new property, and the management of its services was entrusted to Alhuda again.


"After spending a period of time in Istanbul due to the purchase of property in Turkey and contact with the Alhuda team for real estate investment in Turkey, I realized that there are great facilities for Pakistani investors that they will not find in another country except Turkey," Ramiz concluded.