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All you need to know about Bakirkoy in Istanbul

كل ماتريد معرفته عن منطقة بكر كوي في اسطنبول

When considering buying an apartment in Istanbul, you should look at the areas in the city so that your choice of apartment is successful and based on a thorough knowledge and study of the location of the property.

Al-Huda company for real estate Investment and Development. opens for you the door to overlook one of the most beautiful and sophisticated areas in #Istanbul city which is Bakirkoy.

Bakirkoy is located on the European side of Istanbul, and includes many prestigious neighborhoods in Istanbul such as "Florya, Atakoy, Yesilkoy". It is characterized by its extension on the shore of the Sea of Marmara, which gives it a wonderful natural beauty, and makes it one of the most #beautiful_touristic_places_in_Istanbul, where the most important tourist attractions are found such as:

Florya Park: Located in the Florya district of Bakirkoy municipality, the park extends along the Sea of Marmara and is decorated with flowers, bright roses and green trees. It includes many restaurants and cafes overlooking the sea, and many fun activities, especially children's games and racetrack.

Istanbul Aquarium: Located in the Florya district, Istanbul Aquarium is the largest aquatic zoo in the Middle East.

In terms of the size, area and number of marine lives, it includes about 15 thousand marine life and 1500 species of fish, reptiles and amphibians.

The Istanbul Aquarium includes several entertainment areas such as restaurants, cafes and shops.

Bakirkoy is a center for tourism, housing and investment, and has witnessed in recent years a large urban renaissance and has become the incubator for major real estate giant projects. Which made it a unique destination for foreign investors who want to #buy_apartments_in_Istanbul for housing or investment,

Following the amendment of the decision to grant #Turkish_citizenship to those who own a property worth $ 250 thousand, investors went to Bakirkoy to buy properties in it because it has a distinctive sea view and a central location where it is located on the side of the E5 highway, which is one of the most important highways in Istanbul. Strong transport links to all areas of Istanbul, including buses, subway and metrobus line, which is the nerve of Istanbul.

Bakirkoy also has a strong commercial activity, such as the famous Istanbul Mall and Kapacity Mall, as well as the spread of foreign and Turkish companies in the Ataköy district of Bakirkoy municipality, which has become an important economic and commercial center in the region.

If you are looking for an #apartment_in_Istanbul with a great location that combines the beauty of the sea with the great urban development in the heart of the city, then, Bakirkoy area is the best choice for you.