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Alternative hotel innovation for 2020 holidays in Turkey

Alternative hotel innovation for 2020 holidays in Turkey

Corona's prominent influence on customs, traditions, and social systems led many countries to think of an alternative at all levels, starting from interaction between members of the same family to the policies and economies of countries, and here the various institutions have become working in order to develop alternatives for them to facilitate coexistence with the emerging virus, and passing it to what can be called a normal life, where some goods have witnessed an abundant in production, such as protective masks, while some behaviors were generalized, such as social divergence and also a shift in intensity towards some alternatives, such as remote work and online purchases.

Among the sectors that were also affected by the remnants of the Corona pandemic, the travel and tourism sector, which witnessed a total freeze that resulted in stopping of one of the most important areas that appeal to many people, especially in the summer.

Corona's effect on the tourism sector was not apparent in its beginnings due to the outbreak of the pandemic coincided with the winter season, but as soon as the summer came with its heat, and the end of the work season, tourists began to wonder and wanted offers that would enable them to spend their annual vacation and at the same time guarantee them conditions of security, health and safety from the Covid-19, it is in this spirit that an idea developed by a Turkish couple for the benefit of local and foreign tourists emerged during the annual holiday period of summer 2020.

The idea was based on devising an alternative way to stay in hotels during holidays in light of the spread of the Corona pandemic, which changed the demands of tourists around the world as they search for areas less dangerous to be infected with the emerging virus such as mountainous and isolated rural areas.

The idea of ​​the Turkish couple Erol Asna and Zulekha, presented to tourists this year, revolves around placing seven mobile homes or caravans on a 2,000-square-meter plot of land in a rural area called Karaburun of Izmir in western Turkey.

Each caravan has an area of ​​11 square meters, which is enough space for guests to stay for days as part of a vacation between nature and enjoy wonderful sea views in the charming countryside of Izmir.

Once the innovative project was launched, the local project received great local support from the authorities, as the organizers stressed that the emerging project will achieve great success, as it will enable tourists to spend their vacation in an independent atmosphere that guarantees taking all strict measures to prevent the Corona virus and ward off all the prevailing fears regarding the transmission of diseases through Various hotel facilities such as ventilation systems, which many fear will cause viruses between rooms.

The first tourists who embarked on the emerging project found the exact opposite in the caravans adjacent to green spaces and close to the spaces of nature.

And many Turkish tourists, especially those descending from Izmir, rushed to book the independent caravans and health conditions, immediately after the recent decision issued by the Turkish authorities to allow them to resume hotel activities in the country.

It should be noted here that almost the same situation was witnessed in the real estate sector in Turkey in line with Corona, where prices of Turkey properties have increased, in those separate and rural areas to avoid the pandemic.

According to opinion polls conducted in synchronization with the outbreak of the Coruna pandemic, 70% of tourists prefer mountain, rural and natural tourism instead of beach tourism in order to avoid the contention that might cause the transmission of corona infection.

And the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism had previously announced the start of the tourist season in Turkey starting from June, provided that the hotels that will provide their services should show a certificates that confirm they are Coronavirus free, while ensuring a quality and healthy service in terms of food, cleanliness of rooms, the lobby, elevators and others.

It should be noted that last year Turkey ranked sixth in the world in terms of receiving tourists, according to what was published by the World Tourism Organization during the month of May 2020.