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Altınköy Museum in Ankara...last century’s memory

متحف التن كوي في انقره... ذكريات القرن الماضي

The Altinkoy museum is located at Ankara the capital of Turkey, and it is an open-air museum which represents last’s century country’s life style of Anatolia.

This museum was constructed by the municipality of Altinbag in #Ankara and it’s considered today one of the biggest natural museums and most #beautiful_touristic_sites_in_turkey.

The museum extends on a 500 thousand space area and is designed to stimulate the country life style in the 30s and 40s periods of the past century and to combine the beauty of nature with the charm of the country side with its small houses and characters.

The place was divided into sectors where every one of them is specialized in a certain activity, in which you can find wheat fields, wind and watermills and a whole village so you can live the moment and experience the simple life of Anatolia’s suburbs a hundred year ago to the most away from today’s busy and tiring lifestyle.

In there you can also find horses’ stables, stone bakery from which the smell of freshly baked bread is all over the place.

In another section of the museum there is a whole sector for old crafts which used to be Anatolians’ sources of income, and not very far from it you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in the local café.

The Altinkoy museum also hosts many activities and festivals throughout the year which carries the traditional spirit of Anatolia.

So, if you are coming to Turkey anytime soon, to spend your vacation or for business and investing and maybe to #buy_apartments_in_istanbul or any other Turkish city we sincerely advise you to make a visit to the Altinkoy museum in Ankara.