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Çamlıca mosque Turkey’s biggest mosque

معلومات مهمة القطاع الزراعي في تركيا

#Istanbul city is known as the “minarets city” as a huge number of mosques is difffused all over the city’s neighborhoods, that’s why wherever you go in #istanbul you can see the high minarets.

At the east coast of Bosphorus strait on the #asian_side_of_istanbul in #Uskudar specifically the #biggest_mosque_in_turkey is located which is Çamlıca mosque.

The construction of the mosque started in the year 2013 and was first opened in march the 7th where Fajr Azan was raised.

This enormous Islamic monumental was built on a 11,000 m2 space area and it can contain 63 thousand worshipers.

This mosque was constructed to be the biggest Islamic center in Turkey.

The mosque contains a museum for Turkish Islamic arts, art workshops, libraries, convention hall and parking space that can take more than 3500 cars in it.

The mosque is also surrounded with 90 acres of green lands expanding to the famous Çamlıca hill with a remarkable view on the #bosphorus_strait so the mosque attendants can enjoy the relaxing view.

#çamlıca_mosque was built with an Ottoman Architectual design that can be obviously seen in the six minarets and arches of the mosque in addition to the beautiful artistic decoration on the huge wooden doors and the marble stand but with all that the mosque has kept a modern touch as well.

The mosque was designed so it can take 2500 worshipers inside, 12000 worshipers in the interior patio and 22500 worshipers in the exterior patio.

The minarets are 107,1 m high and this number has a special meaning which refers to the year 1701 which is the same year when the Ottoman sultan Alp Arslan defeated the Byzantines in what’s known as the Battle of Manzikert.

If you are willing to visit Turkey for tourism, relaxing, investing or to buy #aparmants_in_istanbul, you need to visit the Çamlıca mosque, Turkey’s most important Islamic sites.