Anadolu Jet Turkish Airlines becomes global by expanding its destinations to 28 new destinations in the world:

Anadolu Jet Turkish Airlines becomes global by expanding its destinations to 28 new destinations in the world:

اناضولو جت شركة الطيران التركية تصبح عالمية بتوسيع وجهاتها الى 28 وجهة جديدة في العالم:

In its race towards the summit between the strongest economies in the world, Turkey has worked to raise the level of Turkish industries and companies in all fields

One of the most important sectors that gained work and great attention from the Turkish government was the airline companies, as Turkish airlines today became one of the best international companies with an excellent reputation in various countries of the world.

Today the TURKISH AIRLINES is the first airline in Europe and the fourth among airlines in the world, according to the British Skytrax Center classification, which specializes in rating airlines and airports according to the criteria of quality and the type of services they provide, and the extent of their commitment to takeoff and landing times.

In light of this development in this particular field, the low-cost Anadolu Jet airline of Turkish Airlines is preparing to launch new international flights from Sabiha Gokcen Airport on the Asian side of Istanbul.

Turkish Airlines said in a statement issued by its press office, that "Anadolu Jet" has served more than one hundred million passengers since it opened in 2008, and it is expected to launch flights from Istanbul to 28 new destinations in 16 countries on the twenty-ninth of next March. .

It is planned that the Turkish Airlines will manage the operations of the new flights of Anadolu Jet, while the Turkish restaurant company, "Do & Co" will handle free meals on these international flights.

New Anadolu Jet flights will fly from Istanbul to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Kuwait, Dubai, Baghdad, Bahrain, Baku, Jeddah, Erbil, Riyadh, Tehran, Tel Aviv, Dammam, Abu Dhabi, Madinah, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin and Brussels, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, London, Milan, Munich, Stuttgart, Paris, Rome and Vienna.

"We aim, through our new strategy, to promote Anadolu Jet as a new carrier uniting people from all over the world. Our subsidiary company that connects various parts of Anatolia will now connect cities around the world," the statement said.

To support expansion towards international flights, Anadolu Jet has worked to increase seat capacity by 22 percent in Economy Class aircraft, and plans to provide more affordable services to passengers, pending an increase in the number of additional seats to 1.2 million.

The airline’s new flight plan is expected to increase the number of domestic and foreign transport flights by 30 percent.


The most important Turkish airlines: 

All Turkish domestic and foreign airlines are characterized by somewhat low ticket prices in exchange for high-quality services and the price of travel tickets to Turkey varies according to the season and the time you travel as it is cheaper if the reservation is made early, and you can know the prices at the time you plan to travel through the lines website.


Airlines in Turkey:

TURKİH AİRLİNES: It is the most important and largest Turkish airline and it is affiliated with the Turkish government and carries the Turkish flag as a unified logo for all its aircraft, it was and is still the most powerful airline in Europe for seven consecutive seasons in addition to obtaining the title of the best airline in the world for four times in a row, enjoying travel destinations that reach Up to 120 countries and their planes land at 300 international airports, and based on these figures, they have become the first in terms of destinations among Turkish companies worldwide.

ONUR AİRLİNES: Since its establishment in 1992 until 2003, it remained an external airline company, but after this date it turned to domestic lines to serve the general parts of Turkey, up to 28 aircraft and has secured the transportation of approximately 90 million passengers safely on its lines, enjoying the price Low economy suitable for society segments.

PEGASUS AİRLİNES: Founded in 1990 in Istanbul, Asia, it operates flights to more than 69 countries worldwide and 33 domestic Turkish cities, the number of its aircraft reaches 78 aircraft.

ANADOLU JET: Track its flights inside the Turkish cities and the Island of Cyprus, the number of its planes reaches 34 aircraft landing in all Turkish airports and today and as we mentioned, this Turkish airline will enter the global inclusion of 28 destinations in the world in its itinerary.