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Ankara... the political capital of Turkey

مدينة أنقره عاصمة تركيا السياسية تحت المجهر

#Ankara city the capital of Turkey is the second important city in the country after #Istanbul, as all the political facilities and events are held in it because it is the political center for Turkey.

On the other side #Ankara is also considered an industrial and a trade center as the most of its locals works in the fields of trade and services.

The city is known for its production of the mohair that comes from Angora goats,

And Angora fur that comes from Angora rabbits as well. These products are exported to #Europe as the demand on them in the #Europian_market is high.

But when it comes to the tourism it is not considered the main economic source for the city that’s why the #turkish_government has made a lot of efforts to encourage the tourism and attract more tourists to it.

The city of Ankara has a lot of archeological sites, such as the Roman poles and theater, the historical cathedral and the Roman temple.

In addition to a lot of Ottoman mosques like Kocatepe and Haci bayram mosques, in addition to more than 50 museums like the museum of ethnics, Anatolian civilizations museum and the independence war museum.

Ankara also has two more important features which are the bronze and the marble statues of #Mustafa_Kemal_Ataturk the founder of the Turkish Republic, and the Opera house.

Thanks to the important monument which are considered of the #best_touristic_places_in_turkey #Ankara has been able to attract more tourists from those who are interested in history and civilizations.

And the fact that it is the political capital of the country makes it a good destination for investors who are interested in the market of #real_estate_in_turkey.

What also worth mentioning the fact that a lot of the Turkish state facilities are found in Ankara, such as the presidential palace #Çankaya, the new presidential palace #AK Sarayi which was built by the order of the current Turkish president #Receb_tayyip_erdoğan and other governmental facilities like the prime minister and the parliament buildings.