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Ankara... The political capital of Turkey

مدينة أنقره عاصمة تركيا السياسية تحت المجهر

#Ankara city is the #capital_of_Turkey, that’s why all the political and diplomatic facilities are held in it.

The city of Ankara is located in the middle of Turkey, it is also a part of the interior #Anatolia_region, and it takes its importance from the unique location it has which is an important connection point between all the Turkish regions.

Ankara is 938m high above the sea level, that’s why it has a nice weather in the summer where it has warm mornings and cool temperatures at night.

But it has a really cold winter where snow falls heavily.

It has a population of 45 thousand people although it was designed to take more than 500 thousand, as it has a big migration movement from the other Turkish areas since the early fifties of the past century.

The city of #Ankara was established since the Hittite civilization period during the bronze age, and it was named by the Phrygians.

And at the year 323 BC Alexander the Great was able to take over the city after he defeated the Persians in it.

The city has witnessed a remarkable development under the rule of the Greeks who ruled the region in the year 300 BC, and it was an important trade point then especially between the region of #black_sea, in #Anatolia and #Syria, Armenia and Persia.

By the year 272 AD the romans took over the city again with the leadership of Aurelian the roman emperor, when they took it from the Syrian queen #Zenobia.

After that the Muslims ruled the city during the Ottoman empire period, until the establishment of the Turkish Republic where #Ankara was chosen to be the capital of the country in 1923.

The aim of choosing Ankara to be the capital of Turkey was based on its central location and that’s in order to protect it from the attacks of the Allies armies which were between the #Bosphorus_strait and #Ege_sea , and that’s in addition to the fact that Ankara was the center of the Turkish command force which were fighting during the independence war.

Today #Ankara is considered an important industrial center, it is also an attracting point for tourists as it contains many #beautiful_touristic_sites_in_turkey, this also makes it a favorite destination for foreign investors who are interested in the #turkish_real_estate_market and want to #buy_properties_in_turkey.