Antalya ... the most charming city

Antalya .... charming city

الأماكن السياحية في انطاليا

Turkey is one of the most attractive countries for tourists from all over the world, due to its ancient history and its historical and touristic monuments, in addition to its charming nature and suitable atmosphere for tourism in all seasons of the year, as it is famous for its cities with a diverse climate.

Antalya in Turkey, Antalya is located in the southwestern side of Turkey on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Antalya is considered one of the largest resorts in the world because of its charming nature and attractive sandy beaches. Also, the city of Antalya is one of the historical and archaeological cities where it dates back to the third century BC

In Antalya, there are a lot of cities shopping and markets, which includes the most luxurious international and local brands in addition to entertainment places, restaurants and hotels.

 Among the most important tourist attractions in the city of Antalya:

Antalya Archaeology Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Antalya, one of the oldest and most important museums in Turkey, where the museum consists of an open external hall, 13 closed halls for display, a section for the restoration and care of antiquities, a children's section in addition to a photo hall and cafe.

The museum displays about 4,500 artefacts and collections belonging to the civilizations that were established on the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea in Turkey, and the empires that ruled that region, such as the Roman Empire, Seljuk, and Ottoman. Among the exhibits there are monuments dating back to the Stone Age.

In the Archaeological Museum in Antalya there are some rare relics that are not displayed to the public, including manuscripts, textiles, old coins in addition to sculptures and statues.

Old Town (kaleiçi)

The ancient city or Kaleici in Antalya is located in the centre of the city near the port of Kaleici, one of the most beautiful tourist places in Antalya, where many civilizations such as Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman civilizations pass through it, the history of the ancient city in Antalya dates back to 2000 years, and it still keeps in its ancient shape with its narrow streets and wall which is made of and monumental stones, whose design dates back to the Byzantine era, in addition to many ancient gates, the most famous of it the Hadrin Gate.

The old city of Antalya is considered a centre of multi-faiths, as there is a Roman temple, church, mosque, and its buildings have the Ottoman character.

Belek Antalya

Belek Antalya is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Antalya, where you can find the magical sea with its sparkling blue waters, sparkling golden sands and a flowing river with clear fresh water and green mountains with its beautiful trees. Belek is about 30 km away from Antalya, and it is one of the most famous and beautiful natural places in the world that attract Tourists. In addition to the beauty of nature, you can enjoy recreational activities and many water sports such as rid the waves, diving or swimming in the clear waters.

Manavgat waterfalls

Waterfalls and parks Manavgat is one of the most famous and beautiful waterfalls in Turkey, located in the city of Antalya near the village of Manafgat, the waterfalls are about two meters high and about 40 meters wide, waterfalls flow strongly over large areas, surrounded by green trees, and tea fields spread in it  with its fragrant scent.

Dim Cave

Dim Cave in Alanya in the city of Antalya is one of the most beautiful tourist places, the Cave of Dim dates back to millions of years as it is considered a great masterpiece formed during years of rain and snow with limestone rocks in an amazing way, also the Cave of Dim is famous for its climate and atmosphere that helps to recover from many diseases of The respiratory system, at the end of the cave of Dim there is a small lake.

Saklikent Antalya


Saklikent is one of the most beautiful resorts in Antalya, it is located in the Kokutili region, which is famous for its charming nature, in the highest of Taurus Mountains which covered with snow, so Saklikent Resort is considered one of the most beautiful and famous ski centres in Turkey.