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Arnavutkoy in Istanbul

تعرف على منطقة أرناؤوط كوي في اسطنبول

To the north west on the European side of Istanbul city on the Black Sea shore, sits the known Arnavutkoy area which is characterized with its outstanding country atmosphere and evergreen forests.

Arnavutkoy is considered as one of #Istanbul’s vital centers and an essential sources of drinking water to the whole city. It also contains many important infrastructural projects such as (Istanbul’s canal, the world’s biggest airport Istanbul’s airport and Istanbul’s third bridge). All of this have made Arnavutkoy the new destination for local and foreign investors and their investments who are also interested in buying #apartments_in_Istanbul or #for_sale_lands_in_Istanbul.

Arnavutkoy lays on a space area of 160 km and on a 22 km long area right on the Black Sea’s shore.

It is also known by its seafood restaurants and cafes which attracts tourists who want to get away of the city’s crowded and loud life and relax between the nature’s arms, for that and more Arnavutkoy is considered one of the most #important_touristic_places_in_Istanbul.

Lately the Turkish government has focused on the construction of Arnavutkoy to enrich it with large projects, in order to encourage real estate investments in it.

What's worth mentioning as well the fact that properties’ prices are law if compared to other areas in #Istanbul.

Which makes it a reasonable choice for the investor who is looking for #law_priced_apartments_in_Istanbul.

Not to mention the fact that it has a lot of important projects like the new airport and bridge of Istanbul, which put Arnavutkoy on the map for investors from Turkey and the world.

In addition to #Istanbul_canal project which is still under construction and once it is completed it is going to make a noticeable change for the real estate market in Istanbul and will increase the properties’ values in Arnavutkoy in particular.

Alhuda company for real estate investment and development sincerely advises its clients who want to buy #apartments_in_Istanbul and #for_sale_villas_in_istanbul to take Arnavutkoy in their consideration as a promising area and destination for a successful investment.