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Ataturk international airport in Turkey

هل قمت بزيارة برج الفتاة في اسطنبول من قبل

For so many years Ataturk international airport has been turkey’s opened gate to the whole world. As it had a nonstop circulation of flights from across the world departing and landing in it.

Where thousands of tourists, business men and investors who are interested in buying #apartments_in_Turkey have passed through it.

But as this airport has been there working for so many years the time has come for it to retire and take a rest of the crowded passengers and their luggage. That’s why it is being transformed into a local park.

Ataturk international airport is located at the European side of Istanbul in Atakoy area. And it was considered turkey’s first airport until the foundation stone of Istanbul's third airport was put in 2013.

The new Istanbul airport was built to be the world's biggest airport, and Ataturk international airport will be closed in 6 march 2019 where the last flight will depart from it in the same date, in order for the rest flights to be transformed to Istanbul's third airport in the next day march 7th.

That means that Ataturk airport will be closed in few days and its passengers will see it again in its new form as Istanbul's biggest park.

The plan is to transform Ataturk airport into a public park that it space is four times bigger than the known central park in Newyork in the USA.

Ataturk international airport has given a lot and helped in the rising of the Turkish economy.

And although it is going to be closed, it will come back again to strongly participate in the growth of the Turkish economy, as it’s going to be one of the most important #touristic_places_in_Turkey and among the world and as it’ll return billions of dollars to the country's economy.

The airport will become the world’s biggest park and will contain lakes and sciences, technology and Turkish history museums it'll also has entertaining spaces and a large number of trees and unique flowers and plants.

This park “people’s park” will be a turning point for the city of Istanbul. As the project of transforming the airport to public park is considered one of the most important infrastructure projects for the Turkish government that’ll associate in increasing the values of the #properties_in_Istanbul in general and the values of the properties that surrounds the airport’s area in particular.

And it’ll become the most attracting point for the foreign investors who are looking for #for_sale_apartments_in_Istanbul.

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