Basaksehir .. Ownership in the heart of the largest medical cities in the world

Basaksehir .. Ownership in the heart of the largest medical cities in the world

Basaksehir .. Ownership in the heart of the largest medical cities in the world

If you are looking for a stable life in a wide area amid the greenery of nature, fresh air and a high-end life, or you are one of those seeking a strong investment and profitable trade, you will not find a better option for you in the European Istanbul, from the famous Basaksehir area, the new civilized face of Istanbul's neighborhoods and its modern transportation decade.

In the last five years, Basaksehir has become one of the most popular areas for foreign investors who think about buying property in Istanbul after finding all the amenities and luxury, as they chose it among hundreds of luxury residential neighborhoods in Istanbul due to its distinctiveness from others in a different nature, which we will detail in this article, a character that unites all  as It is the most livable and most profitable investment.

Where is Basaksehir located?

As mentioned above, the Başakşehir region is located in the European part of Istanbul along a 106 square kilometer bordered by the four sides:

North: Arnavutkoy and Eyüp region

East: Sultangazi and Esenler

On the south: Bagcilar, Avcilar and the Kucukcekmece region

West: Esenyurt

What is the population of Basaksehir?

The large geographical area of ​​Basaksehir has contributed to turning it into an area of ​​urban polarization and consequently.

The demographic growth in it has increased dramatically as its population reached in the middle of 2019 to more than 700 thousand people.

A figure that is expected to rise to nearly 900 thousand people by the end of 2020 due to the volume of housing projects  constructed on its soil.

Most of the projects have the type of residence that is most bought by investors. Thus has increased  the demand for buying property in Istanbul in Basaksehir as well.

Also, many of the old residential districts of Basaksehir have witnessed rehabilitation, which has turned into the ranks of the largest neighborhoods and has never developed them.

The economic and real estate importance of Basaksehir

The large area of ​​Başakşehir is a region that gathers the best and most beautiful landscapes as it is located alongside the largest cypress and pine forests in addition to the most prominent reserve in Istanbul, the famous "Samlar" reserve which is annually visited by thousands of tourists to enjoy seeing many rare animals.

The charming nature of Bashakshehir does not stop at the green forests. The region contains natural and industrial lakes, valleys and rivers, which makes them characterized by a wonderful calm throughout the year. From here, great interest in the region and serious thought began in building many infrastructure projects and real estate projects.

A number of facilities were built in the Basaksehir area, and they are:

Universities and educational institutions that include all levels and vary between government and private and the three languages ​​Turkish, Arabic and English, and the large presence of foreigners in Basaksehir has made schools dependent on many Arab and international educational curricula such as "Canadian, American, Yemeni, Lebanese, Libyan ... and others",  In addition to this, the region has many public and private universities, the most prominent of which is Ibn Khaldun University.

Hospitals and health facilities where there is the most famous government hospital in the Başakşehir region, in addition to dozens of private clinics and specialized medical centers with excellent absorptive capacity, which enabled the Başakşehir to be the largest medical city in Europe due to the treatment facilities that witness a general expansion after another in various specialties with the advantage of Arab hospitals which increased Arabs' appetite for property ownership in the region.

Recreational facilities as Basaksehir contains an endless number of amusement facilities, entertainment and large commercial centers, the most important of which is the Mall of Istanbul in addition to the old popular markets and weekly bazaars that attract many visitors, in addition to the International Ataturk Stadium and Exhibition Center and the second largest exhibition space in Istanbul, cinema halls, swimming pools and parks and other important leisure facilities.

Basaksehir transportation network

The famous Basaksehir near the new Istanbul airport owns one of the most advanced and robust infrastructure in Istanbul, which made it have a strong and wide transportation network that made it turn into a modern Istanbul transportation node as it is the crossroads of many vital roads, on top of which are the TEM south road and the E5 highway in addition to the highway  Southern Marmara and many metro lines are also expected to extend the tramway to reach it, in addition to this, the famous Başakşehir includes many bus lines that connect it with about 90% of Istanbul's areas. This will make Basaksehir a favorite destination for buying property in Istanbul.

Property ownership in Başakşehir

Property ownership in Başakşehir has become a popular culture among Arabs, Afghans and Iranians due to the strong infrastructure. 

This region has its transportation network and health facilities that have qualified it to turn into the largest medical cities in the world.

Foreigners prefer Başakşehir to profitable investment due to its transformation into a vital region. All of these features have raised the price of properties in it. 

The percentage of real estate projects in Başakşehir has increased by 70%, especially residential complexes, which are the most demanding urban patterns for what they provide .  

It is an integrated and luxurious suit for all tastes.

Those who know about real estate affairs believe that the large area of ​​Başakşehir foretells other years of construction, unique engineering designs that match the unique nature of the region.


It is also expected to raise the demand for buying property in Istanbul in Basaksehir in the future.