Basin Express Road in Istanbul its most important investment vein:

Basin Express Road in Istanbul its most important investment vein:

طريق باسن اكسبرس في اسطنبول شريان الاستثمار الاهم:

In light of the large population growth witnessed by the city of Istanbul and the result of several factors, the most important of which is the great influx into the city, whether from the Turks coming from other Turkish cities to search for better life opportunities or foreigners who were led by different circumstances to this Turkish city

This prompted the Turkish government represented by the Greater Istanbul Municipality to go to the policy of geographical and urban expansion, and therefore recently, entire regions and neighborhoods were built for this purpose, and today they are all among the most important vital centers in Istanbul and one of the most important points of investment in general.

Among these developing regions that enjoy great popularity today among foreign investors or even those wanting to settle in Istanbul is the Basin Express Road.


Basin Express Second Business Center in Istanbul:

Basin Express Highway is located at a point where the most important vital roads converge in the European section of Istanbul, which are both the TEM highway and the E-5 highway that runs from Istanbul European section to the Asian

It also connects the E-80 highway to the Sultan Mehmed Fatih Bridge

It is located directly on the highway to Istanbul's third airport

It is worth noting that the majority of residential and vital areas on both sides of Basin Express belong to the Bagcilar Municipality in Istanbul, one of the most important districts of the city.

It is bordered to the south by the Sea of Marmara and Ataturk Airport, to the north by the Başakşehir region and the new Istanbul Airport, to the west by the Avcilar and Beylikdüzü border, and Zeytinburnu region to the east of Basin Express.

And spread in the Basin Express a number of important services, basic and recreational facilities, including:

Universities: such as Altinbas University, Aydin University, Burgas University and Marmara University and other educational centers with a higher educational level.

Shopping centers: Basin Express is characterized by the presence of a group of the most famous shopping centers in Istanbul, such as the Mall of Istanbul, which contains 350 shops and 212 Mall, which is distinguished by its unique architectural design and it contains famous international brands.

Transportation: Basin Express Road is located on the two highways TEM and E-5, as mentioned above, in addition to the Coast Road and Marmara Road, which facilitates access to and from the area.

Basin Express is also part of the new metro line, which was completed last year

These features make Basin Express today become the second business and commercial center in Istanbul.

 A large number of local and international companies have been opened in various fields in this region as it contains a number of the most important international hotel chains such as Radisson Blu, Marriott, Holiday, and Wyndham, Sheraton and Hilton

And do not forget that the Turkish government has established many huge infrastructure projects near the Basin Express Road, such as the New Istanbul Canal, as this channel is the new Bosporus and the Century Project. for the Turkish Republic, in addition to the third Istanbul Airport, one of the largest airports in the world.


Basin Express the main vein of Real Estate Investment in Istanbul:

All the factors that we mentioned in the context of this article from a distinguished location and the availability of services and projects for development and a strong infrastructure that contributed to attracting the attention of foreign investment in particular in the field of real estate in Turkey to the Basin Express area and for this day it is one of the most requested regions in order to own property and apartments in Istanbul This is due to various purposes, and despite the fact that this region is a major area in Istanbul, property prices in it are significantly lower than other key areas with insane prices.

Real estate projects in the Basin Express area are considered a breakthrough in the field of urban construction, as real estate projects in it are characterized by luxury in the architectural style, and development in the field of services and facilities in addition to the proliferation of a number of projects that support the smart homes system or hotel apartments, which means increasing profit opportunities from purchasing properties for investment purpose.

Also, most real estate projects in Basin Express include an office tower or a hotel tower, which is appropriate for those wishing to set up companies in Istanbul.

In addition to the foregoing, the real estate projects in this region itself are considered distinct and important, as they are luxurious and secure the greatest luxury, comfort and tranquility.

We must bear in mind that this region will continue to witness an escalation in its real estate prices due to the continued development and construction of huge projects by the Turkish government in it, which means that buying a property in Istanbul in Basin Express today is the biggest guarantee for the success of your investment tomorrow.