The 4 best areas for Arab ownership in Turkey

The 4 best areas for Arab ownership in Turkey

أين يتملّك العرب في تركيا

You may have heard many of your relations or colleagues plan to visit Turkey and then notice them after a while to buy an apartment in Istanbul or Trabzon


Arab real estate investment in Turkey has increased dramatically in recent years. According to statistics, Arabs want to buy real estate in Turkey in four regions: "Istanbul, Bursa, Trabzon and Antalya."


Why do Arabs prefer to buy real estate in Turkey in these areas than others? And what are the attractions that characterize Trabzon, Istanbul, Bursa and Antalya?


Buying real estate in Istanbul


Istanbul contains many urban transformation areas that are witnessing an urban renaissance and huge projects with the latest engineering designs competing with the largest international designs similar to residential complexes in Istanbul that provide distinctive high-end services. Recreational facilities, swimming pools, green spaces and permanent security guard. In addition to the presence of the largest new infrastructure projects such as the Istanbul Water Canal, the Valley of Life and the new airport. Investing in real estate in Istanbul is an ideal opportunity for those wishing to develop their wealth by taking advantage of the continuous rise in apartment prices in Istanbul.


Istanbul maintains its real estate position annually as the best region in terms of buying real estate in Turkey, given its huge transportation network of metros, trams, metro buses, public buses, medium-sized buses, dolmus, ships and taxis.


Istanbul attracted nearly 40% of foreigners wishing to own real estate in Turkey due to its vital location, which is the number one option for many who refuse to buy a property in other cities.

Among the most promising areas for "real estate investment in Istanbul" we find: Bahcesehir, Basaksehir, Esenyurt, Basin Express, Beylikduzu and Sariyar.


Among the most promising areas for "real estate investment in Istanbul" we find: Bahcesehir, Basaksehir, Esenyurt, Basin Express, Beylikduzu and Sariyar.


Buying real estate in Antalya


In recent years, Antalya has turned into an international resort with its stunning scenery, charming beaches, history, sun, green spaces, mountains and markets away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It qualified it to occupy 12th place in the world among the most attractive cities for foreign tourists.


Antalya has considered among the most successful Turkish cities in real estate investment in Turkey due to the profitable returns that the investor reaps in it during the tourism seasons by renting regular apartments, hotel apartments or villas that are considered the most prestigious in Turkey.


In addition to buying offices and renting them to tourism companies, not to mention investment. In hotel resorts experiencing a great boom in buying, whether from the Turks themselves or foreigners.

The Russians and Ukrainians largely buy real estate in Antalya, followed by the Arabs, who have strongly turned to it in recent years.


Buying real estate in Trabzon


Real estate investment figures in Trabzon, Turkey, have increased significantly, especially by Gulf investors. The Saudis ranked first as the most foreign nationalities in the region, followed by Kuwaitis, Emiratis, Qataris, and Jordanians, according to statistics published by the Directorate of Land and Land Registry in Trabzon in 2018. The scene remains almost the same until 2020 in the top nationalities. In the following, we list the most important areas in which foreigners invested and their most important characteristics.




The historic city of Ortahisar of the beating heart of Trabzon and its vital center. It is located on a flat green land bordering the Black Sea coast and on the outskirts of the historic Silk Road and surrounded on the eastern and western sides by the Zaknos Valley and the Tabakhaneh Valley respectively.


Orta Hissar is the most beautiful part of Trabzon for investors who have resided on its land since ancient times. The largest of the stores that are still intensively active until now, especially after providing them with integrated services and excellent facilities such as hospitals, universities, schools, and shopping centers, most notably Forum Mall Trabzon. In addition to the beautiful sea view that characterized by the region and its proximity to the most touristic places in the city, such as Uzungol, Sumela Monastery, and Sultan Murad Heights.


Apartments for sale in Turkey - Orta Hesar varies between modern residential complexes and villas with beautiful views of the Black Sea and the mountains, where the seeker of living in the embrace of nature finds his desired goal in combining the luxury of construction with the splendor of the place.




Konaklar is adjacent to the city center of Trabzon. It contains extraordinary real estate projects with exceptional designs compatible with the magic of nature. In addition to the presence of various service facilities in the region and essential facilities, on top of which is Trabzon International Airport, a matter that significantly contributed to the increase in demand for real estate for sale in Turkey.




Boztepe is one of the most sought-after areas for foreigners to live in, a high hill in the middle of Trabzon, where the owner enjoys a panoramic view of the green mountains and the blue of the Black Sea.




Yomra is one of Trabzon's most beautiful natural places and characterized by its proximity to Trabzon Airport.

This area has charming views of the valley, the sea and the mountains, which raised the prices of apartments in Turkey in this area to doubling and increased the demand for them by foreigners by a large percentage.






Yalıncak is considered the most sought-after area for housing due to the presence of many vital facilities such as the College of Sharia, the Black Sea University of Technical Sciences, the Legal Hospital for Research and Education, the Cevahir Outlet commercial center, in addition to its proximity to the E-70 coastal highway.

Many real estate market experts agreed that Trabzon (the pearl of the Black Sea) is the perfect choice for living in the picturesque nature that contains apartments for sale with a different and unique architectural style. Trabzon is witnessing an unprecedented growth of residential projects and fierce competition for the rest of the regions in the offers of apartments for sale in Turkey.


Buying real estate in Bursa


Bursa real estate near the coast of Marmara has attracted many Arab investors due to its wonderful weather on the coast of "Mudanya".


The turnout of Gulf people to buy real estate in Bursa has witnessed a significant increase in recent years due to its being a tourist, industrial and agricultural city. It is compatible with the choices of Arabs who have aggressively opened successful companies, making their need to buy a property in it always existing.


In general, Turkey's real estate investment has a distinct character, especially in Bursa, which contains the best conditions of life. When you search in the search engines on Google, you will find many results about apartments for sale in Bursa or villas for sale in Bursa due to the high demand for this area.

This request did not come out of anywhere, as Bursa's real estate investment process is one of the most successful steps for several reasons, including the following:

  • Bursa is considered one of the Turkish states most encouraging real estate investment and tourism at the same time due to its proximity to the commercial capital Istanbul, where it can be reached through distinctive ship trips.
  • The drop-in commodity prices in various materials and real estate prices in Bursa, significantly compared to other Turkish cities, which resulted in excellent mobility in the purchase of real estate and villas in Bursa.
  • Bursa is distinguished by the prominent activity of the timber trade as it is the largest pioneering city in the sector in Turkey.
  • The diversity of business and trade opportunities in Bursa, which turned it into a business center, led many foreigners and Turks to think about buying a property there and finally settling in it.
  • Bursa contains many tourist places that have turned it into a beating heart for visitors throughout the year.
  • These were the four most essential states favored by the Arabs among dozens of others suitable for Turkey's real estate investment process due to its architectural character, climate, and culture that matches Arab taste.