Best Places To Visit In Cappadocia In 2020

Best Places To Visit In Cappadocia In 2020

 اجمل الاماكن السياحية في كابادوكيا 2020

Situated in south-central Turkey, Cappadocia's moonscape area, southeast of Ankara, is most famous for its unusual geological features called fairy chimneys. Over time, the large, cone-like shapes were formed by the erosion of the relatively soft volcanic ash around it.



It was announced that the resumption of hot air balloon tours in the Cappadocia region by the President of the Association of Hot Air Balloon Operations in the Anatolian Region, Taoufik Olmaz, starting on August 22nd after freezing all activities for more than five months by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation. This news pleased tourists and revitalized the tourism sector in Turkey.



And the Civil Aviation Directorate in Turkey had previously announced the postponement of hot air balloon flights in the Cappadocia region until the first of October. With the control of the epidemic and the provision of appropriate conditions for hot air balloons tours, it was decided to return to it.


The return to hot air balloon tours in Cappadocia will be subject to the application of all restrictions imposed to comply with the rules of hygiene and social distancing to prevent the Coronavirus.


In this context, one balloon will run per company. 27 aircraft will be used to roam in a manner that takes into account all precautionary measures against the Coronavirus, especially in light of the high demand of tourists for hot air balloons and also by hotels that previously dealt directly with balloon companies in the past tourist seasons.


The Turkish Travel Agency Association "Torsap" expects that the resumption of hot air balloon tours will significantly revitalize the tourism sector in Cappadocia. Especially in light of the presence of tourists who have reached the point of canceling their reservations due to the lack of tours that allow them to photograph balloons flying over Urgup, the region famous for its elegant chimneys. And its towering landscapes make tourists discover Cappadocia from a height.


What will contribute to the increase in the number of arrivals to Cappadocia after the resumption of balloon tours is its inclusion among the safest areas of the Corona epidemic. After recording small injuries with strict respect for residents and shop owners' preventive measures, most hotels possess a certificate of safe tourism in Turkey.


Is Cappadocia suitable for tourism in all seasons


Cappadocia, or the city facing nature, with its continental climate and steadfast rocks, is above a plateau, with a height above sea level of up to a thousand meters and interspersed with volcanic peaks on the edges of Mount Arges, the highest peak in the city, "4 thousand meters".


And because the climate of Cappadocia is continental par excellence, it is hot in summer with dry air that helps hiking, tourism and enjoys flying in its skies and aboard its balloons. Simultaneously, in winter, the atmosphere of Cappadocia is snowy and cold, especially with the height of its mountain peaks that provide the best place with the most beautiful rocky view for winter skiing. Thousands of people flock to Cappadocia annually to practice.


Cappadocia is about seven hundred and thirty kilometers from Istanbul. It takes about nine hours to reach it by car, while the time reaches twelve hours by bus, so the time decreases via the express train that connects to the city of Konya, and from there, the bus ride is only about four hours for a while flights to it.


The distance between Trabzon and Cappadocia is approximately 650 meters. You can travel to Cappadocia by bus from Trabzon, and it takes around ten hours. On the other hand, you can travel by plane if you don't like spending your time on the bus. There are a lot of organized trips to Cappadocia with an exciting program.


The distance that separates Cappadocia and Antalya is estimated at five hundred and fifty kilometers. In comparison, it increases to six hundred and seventy kilometers between it and Bursa, and it is shortened to three hundred and fifty kilometers between it and the capital, Ankara.


Your guide for tourism and discovery of Cappadocia


Cappadocia is located in central Turkey, specifically in the state of Nevsehir, on the eastern side of the Anatolian Plateau. It is famous for its unique geological characteristics and its availability to many tourists and archaeological sites. Cappadocia was included in the World Heritage List of the United Nations "UNESCO" in 1985 because of its unique landmarks. A tourist can visit it in one day or even within a few days, including:


  • Caves of Cappadocia



Among the essential features of Cappadocia is that it is an underground city, founded in the Prozanian era. Still, it was famous in the Byzantine Empire period, where Christians used to shelter in its caves and tunnels in hiding from invaders and enemies. These caves have turned over time into open historical museums and have received thousands of people annually to wander between its rooms and the maze of the city of the jinn, as it is called.


  • Hot air balloons



It is impossible to visit Cappadocia without enjoying the tours called in the Turkish language "Cappadocia Balloon". Airships are considered one of the most beautiful and exciting activities that allow tourists to fly over the clouds and among the mountains and enjoy the picturesque views during the gradient from the ground to the highest heights of the region.


  • Çavusin



Are you planning a journey to Cappadocia? Don't forget to visit Çavusin village, where you will see two magnificent Byzantine churches. You'll witness the Çavusin Church with an amazing interior of frescoes the moment you reach the city. The St. John the Baptist Church, thought to be the oldest church in Cappadocia, can be visited after a hike up the ridge .


  • Elf Chimneys


It is a group of chimneys located at the entrance to Goreme's stone village, which has a natural expansion consisting of mountains and small hills, which annually attract many tourists who wish to visit the Elf chimneys.


  • Deep Canyons


Among the most prominent tourist attractions of Cappadocia are valleys, at the forefront of which is the Red Valley with rocky cliffs of red and orange. Also, the picturesque valley of Ihlara, surrounded by magnificent archaeological rock houses, the Valley of Love, the Valley of the Twins, the Valley of the Monks, and the Valley of the Pigeon.


The fusion of the miracles of nature and the work of human hands renders the Ihlara canyon a very rare place in the deserts of Cappadocia. This gorge, bordered by the towns of Ihlara and Selime, flows for 16 kilometers down the road left behind by the old Melendiz River.

  •  Derinkuyu Underground City

Are you searching for the best places to explore in Cappadocia, Turkey? Located in the Derinkuyu area of the Province of Nevşehir, Turkey, Derinkuyu Underground City is one of the best places for visitors to explore.

This is the largest hidden sanctuary that has been used by Christians to escape from the assaults. This cave has narrow lanes that you can easily explore, because many people don't know the place and it's less crowded.

  • Soğanlı Valley



Based in the district of Yeşilhisar, Soğanlı Valley is one of the most popular locations to explore in Cappadocia, Turkey.

This valley is very famous for its ancient historical places and churches . You can see three beautiful chapels called Karabas Kilise, Yilanli Kilise, and Sakli Kilise as you visit the valley. Don't miss to discover the peaceful villages around the canyon!

  • Pasabag



Of the many areas to visit in Cappadocia, Pasabag is one that you should not skip. This lovely valley is located on the road to Zelve, coming from Goreme or Avanos. You can see fantastic earth structures in the center of a vineyard.


Which types of real estate investment are most suitable for foreigners in Cappadocia?


No one denies that choosing Cappadocia to buy a residential property has a unique charm for the peculiarity of the ancient, rocky city resulting from a natural sculpture of the remnants of volcanoes that have been over centuries-old but buying real estate in Turkey.


Real estate investment in Cappadocia is the smartest choice for investors. It is a tourist city during all seasons, and therefore buying hotels, hotel apartments, or commercial real estate to convert them into restaurants or shops is a correct choice. The volume of tourists who flock to Cappadocia annually guarantees high-profit returns for the foreign investor wishing to buy a Real estate in Turkey or investing in apartments for sale in Turkey to double his money.